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What makes a good website design?

There are a few key principles which you need to follow to make a good website design, these principle are simple and easy to understand. The First principle is keeping a good overall balance. When designing the website ensure that the website does not look crowded on one side and empty on the other try to maintain symmetry. Second is creating a grid, grids are nothing but a series of vertical and horizontal lines this helps to partition the content of the design this improves readability

Next we have to look at Color selection. Selecting a right color for your website is crucial so before you do so take a look at the color theory study you colors, what works well with what. Understand what are warm colors and cool colors. Remember that colors have psychological effect on our minds. A good design does not always need great graphics but not having good graphics will certainly make your design look empty. Try to make your graphics complement each other try to maintain a flow among everything on your website.

Typography this is an important part of designing the website. Fonts should be readable and clear there should be no distortion. However there is a lot of limitation to this generally because of the non availability of fonts on the user’s computer, rendering platform. Consistency between the content and the design is important for the design to look good. Absence of this can make your design look poor but this does not mean it is necessarily a bad design. Keeping pages short helps your viewers to get the information quickly .You can also provide details who want to learn more about any topic discussed. Navigation is what attracts readers. If you web page is long then this can come in handy. Remember to use anchor links and help  them move around in your website.

Keep your images small and maintain their size. This will help in loading your page faster. When you upload an image keep its size to optimum web use. Write your contents for a global audience.  Most websites are global in nature. So always keep units and measurements clear so that the users know what you are trying to say. Check you spellings and grammar. Many readers cannot tolerate spelling mistakes. This can cause you to lose your readers or visitors . Always Keep your links current and active. Broken links indicate that the website is not being updated.

Remember these are not rules but guidelines you can follow. These will help keep your website current.