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What is SEO all about?

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The official terminology description for SEO means optimizing your page for search engines. It means that you can get listed on   search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing, etc.where Web Pages and other content are listed according to their ranking Google counts inbound links to websites as votes. The more the number of more votes means the better your ranking,.Of the links that built your reputations and ranking with Google, however this system was easy to abuse so Google introduced a complex formula to maintain and regulate this now it is the quality of the links that matter not the quantity.

The formula is now determined by these key factors.

  •  A link from a high authority website will be more valuable than multiple links from irrelevant websites; the linking websites age authority and page ranking are all factors that taken into account by Google while assessing a link.
  • How relevant and unique is the website when all  your content is  taken into account.
  • The number and quality of links that are linked to your website and its relation to your website are important, too many can set the alarm bells ringing at Google and can penalize you.
  •  Often called the anchor text  that is used to link to your website is significant, webmasters should be asked to use the keywords given by you if you are optimizing for a web site like ‘football training shoes’ then it’s important to have these keywords in the linking text.

There are two methods primarily for doing this.

  1. Approaching websites relevant to your business and asking them for a link, this includes researching your competition from sites like yahoo page explorer or other page software and finding out which page are linking to them. You need to look at websites with good quality content and a high page rank and then need to get in touch webmaster asking for a link
  2. The other method to get good link that are free the web has a multitude of websites that are free and that you can you to get traffic and search engine ranking such as FacebookMyspace and YouTube that rely mainly on user generated content. The beauty of this powerful method is that Google loves these sites this method generates fantastic traffic and helps steadily build your ranking with Google; this method also involves employing the same SEO practices.

So SEO at the end is a bunch of tactics that, if you employ them, will help you rank better in search engines.


Mobile apps for your business

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Developing a mobile app will benefit you in several ways, the number of mobile users has increased over the years, most of these users have access to the internet they manage everything on their phones, including trading and payment. Mobile apps are the future of computers developing an app can prove to be very valuable. Even then, to a large scale, many small industries avoid developing apps for the business fearing that it might turn out to be an expensive affair. Though not necessarily. To avoid the risk factor, you can go in for a basic app, excluding the unwanted extra frills which will automatically bring down your cost. A good advance planning of a particular app for the company reduces the cost due to the thought process and the development in advance. This includes designing your own logo, addition of images and app contents too. All you need to do is keep the ground work ready by doing the required field work and then get a person who is trained to design applications for mobile networks.

Money making is what you can think of once your app has developed. All you need to do is use the various techniques like adding advertisement links or offering a paid version without any advertisements. When users start visiting your app and have an instant, one – stop access to you within no time. Your app can be kept updated as and when required, various new products. You can attract the users by offering interesting offers and discounts through this app. This would encourage them to visit you more often and even spread the good will around. Getting into partnership is another unique way of attracting some more amounts of successes along your way.

Partnership with other similar companies helps you to share the profits in small portions and attracting more customers towards you. You can enlist the names of some local companies and team up with them forming a mobile networking program amongst you. This turns out to be eventually beneficial to both involved ensuring mutual benefit and highest amount of profits too Today we cannot deny the fact the mobile industry is booming. They are the need of the hour and it is these apps can take us ahead in time. So keep innovating and your company will reap the rewards.

Ways to advertise on social marketing

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Social media has given a new face to marketing. It is a new way to reach out to your customers. Facebook set up its marketing plan for advertisers in such a way that it influences the buyers purchase decisions. Facebook offers a couple of tools advertisements one such tool is Facebook sponsored stories you can pay Facebook to highlight your post or an action of a Facebook fan of your business. This simply shares your post to everyone in that person’s friends list. This is either on the sidebar or news feed. Your page can reach to some extent on Facebook with Facebook promoted posts tool. Your content may include product photographs, updates about your day to day activities, different offers, videos you like or concerning your products, any polls you may conduct.

These posts have the capacity to reach not only your consumer base but also the people who have liked shared and commented on that particular post. You must note that your business page should have at least 100 fans to begin with. The best way to promote your business content or an event that you want to hold is trough Page Post Ads. These Ads are normal posts on any company’s profile page. The company then coverts these posts into a paid advertisement . Another tool is called `Offers’, with this your business can send coupons directly to their fan-base. Fans can share these offers with anyone they want by clicking on the “share offer” link below the story. This is initially free but Facebook is now charging a minimum fee equal to five USD for this promotional activity.

A handy tool that allows companies to target customers on Twitter is to promote specific tweet about themselves posted on their profile or on the profile of a customer. By doing this companies are able to target other twitter users who have similar interests to their customer base. This will easily increase the number of followers for a company. A higher number of customers’ means that the company will feature is Twitter’s “Who to Follow” account recommendation engine. These are two majorly used pages used for social marketing, there are other social networking websites such as Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube these pages are getting popularity slowly but are not as popular. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. But YouTube uses digital advertising video content, this different approach to the others.

Why should business get a website nowadays?

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If you own a company the first place people go to get information about you will be the internet. And if building a website for your company isn’t a priority for you right now, well here are a few reasons why you should reconsider. A great way to market your business is by building a website, your current marketing strategies may work great, but the commercials, TVad’s, news paper ad’s etc. are not very economical and cost effective. In this new age of internet the number of users is countless and still increasing, by making a simple website you are now advertising to a vast group of people, creating awareness about your service.

Having a website helps you share testimonials and reviews about your company, people like to know what you do and what you are willing to do for them, give them this informative talk about your company’s history your employees post picture. Make your website informative. Because people like to do business with people they know. There is a lot of competition out there. People are constantly looking for information; comparing prices etc. The website lets your customers to have access to your products 24/7 and contact you and let them immediately get in touch with you.Having a website lets you interact and maintain a relation with your company. Posting newsletters, holding polls and surveys, promotion of special deals can be done through websites.

People like to do business with a good legit company, having a well designed website serves this purpose and can even increase sales.The web provides Valuable information about what the customers’ demands are. You can set up surveys and find out what your customers needs accordingly you can set up your marketing strategies. This also lets you know what is trending in the market.

It is always important to look bog and act big while doing any business than you really are. Every big business had a website and so do small businesses. The design of your website portrays how professional you are poor design can make you look amateur.
Having a website means you need to develop effective online marketing strategies, this is because your business is bound to grow if you follow some of the online marketing strategies which you could not achieve with the old traditional method.

For every new business it is expected to have a website, internet is the new face of business. Your business is at risk of not being known to a number of prospective customers.

What makes a good website design?

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There are a few key principles which you need to follow to make a good website design, these principle are simple and easy to understand. The First principle is keeping a good overall balance. When designing the website ensure that the website does not look crowded on one side and empty on the other try to maintain symmetry. Second is creating a grid, grids are nothing but a series of vertical and horizontal lines this helps to partition the content of the design this improves readability

Next we have to look at Color selection. Selecting a right color for your website is crucial so before you do so take a look at the color theory study you colors, what works well with what. Understand what are warm colors and cool colors. Remember that colors have psychological effect on our minds. A good design does not always need great graphics but not having good graphics will certainly make your design look empty. Try to make your graphics complement each other try to maintain a flow among everything on your website.

Typography this is an important part of designing the website. Fonts should be readable and clear there should be no distortion. However there is a lot of limitation to this generally because of the non availability of fonts on the user’s computer, rendering platform. Consistency between the content and the design is important for the design to look good. Absence of this can make your design look poor but this does not mean it is necessarily a bad design. Keeping pages short helps your viewers to get the information quickly .You can also provide details who want to learn more about any topic discussed. Navigation is what attracts readers. If you web page is long then this can come in handy. Remember to use anchor links and help  them move around in your website.

Keep your images small and maintain their size. This will help in loading your page faster. When you upload an image keep its size to optimum web use. Write your contents for a global audience.  Most websites are global in nature. So always keep units and measurements clear so that the users know what you are trying to say. Check you spellings and grammar. Many readers cannot tolerate spelling mistakes. This can cause you to lose your readers or visitors . Always Keep your links current and active. Broken links indicate that the website is not being updated.

Remember these are not rules but guidelines you can follow. These will help keep your website current.

What is local SEO?

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There are a number of definitions for Local SEO. What this really does is helps prospective customers find out about your website or company if you are located nearby to them. People will want to know more about your website like finding out your contact details address. Local SEO then provides this information to them depending on the locality.

To master the local market, you need to focus on the local SEO. People look for information even on their cell phones now. So this poses a challenge, newupdatebeing introduced every day the changing algorithms so as to get the end users more accurate results, for example, if you arelooking for a hair salon in your locality on your smart phone you enter hair salons and the name of your locality you get accurate research results.
Selecting the right keywords is an important part in Local Search engine optimization. Your business needs to be identified on the search engine this will result in getting high no of visitors.When the selection of keywords is done, you need to usethem inyour tags, Meta description, header tags, and your contents.
Social networking websites are the best places to for business directory listing; these results are shown on the top engine listing. Get your profiles set up on these web sites in an optimized method be descriptive and make sure you use the tags and keywords in the description.
Encourage your customers to give online reviews.  Positive reviews help in getting traffic to your website. If you provide good service to your customers they will be happy to write reviews for your website. Have an accurate citation for your business search engines discover names, addresses and phone numbers spamming your name across small directories is a bad practice, you have to maintain the quality of your website.

When it comes to building links to your webpage youhad to keep in mind that this is not a numbers game, good quality links are natural links, and content marketing is abest way to get these. Creating a blog on your website is a good idea, but you have to make sure that you keep it updated provide good and use full information to your users and they will spread it across the web for you when your content is spread across website like Facebookand twitter it createsstung social signals that search engines love.
By making use of these tips you can increase your website traffic in your local searches Local search engines don’t always get first priorities but good quality websites are always rewarded.

SEO Myths

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Everyone who is new to SEO and wants to get started with it will come across some of the myths and misconceptions. Most Common questions that pop up in their minds isthat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is difficult for a common person to understand. This is because the basics of SEO are not clear to them. SEO is a strategy used to make your website succeed in the search engine listings, and attract as many readers as possible. There some difficult things to understand in Search Engine Optimization, but if you have your basics clear in your head this should not be a problem.

SEO is large subject and there is no way you could learn it, just as any other subject you cannot expect to learn everything at once, you need to start from somewhere get your basics right and then move forward from there and slowly you will feel comfortable with its concepts.
Another myth is that once you have submitted your web site to search engines your work is done this does not work like that, doing this won’t get you instant traffic and popularity it just means that you’re out there and ready. This is just a part of SEO which is no longer necessary.
Search Engine Optimization is a lengthy process and takes up too much time this just means that you need to work on your content and the look of your website by doing this you’re helping yourself by making yourself easily available for your visitors.

One of the most popular myths is sending your website to at least 1000 search engines, it does not work like that and is not true. You think your site is too big and you will never be able to do this alone, everything takes time, you will only reach your goal if you take the first step, Start one page at a  time pick the important pages first focus on them so that they become e popular. And then keep Search Engine Optimization in your mind while you create the new pages
You must have heard that meta tagging and using keywords, description tags, all these are informational html tags use as search engine spiders for indexing. This is not true, it is just a part of Search Engine Optimization.

Use of doorway pages, keyword shuffling and using more tricky stuff to get high rankings is another myth. These are a part of something called as ‘black hat search engine optimization’. This is not recommended to be a part of a good SEO. Getting to the top ten on any search engine quickly, another myth, you need to have patience and give time for Search Engine Optimization. Getting to the top should not be your ultimate goal if your website provides good service and making it easy to find this applies to those who need to find it. Being ignorant to Search Engine Optimization and thinking you don’t need them and you are doing just fine without it, Search Engine Optimization is a never ending process, you need to think on a long term basis you might be doing fine now but for how long. There is always something that you can change or add in Search Engine Optimization. Take your time and get your basics right and you will do just fine.

What makes a good responsive design?

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Nowadays, internet is accessible from a number of devices besides Pcs and Mac computers, such as cell phone, tablets. Responsive web design is meant to serve optimum viewing on all the devices. This is aimed at solving problems such as navigation, panning scrolling, making your reading experience easy.

Any website designed with a responsive wed design is able to adapt the layout of your device, this is done by the use of fluid proportion – based grids and flexible images.

Keeping in mind the growing rate of the use in mobile internet, it is important that your website should work on the all devices and with the same quality as it does on the computer monitors.
The first principle of responsive design is keeping in mind that it should work equally across all the devices. This means when someone accesses the website on a cell phone or a tablet it should work without any quality loss. Flexibility in your images, content and grids is required to be flexible and fluid so that it configures accordingly on wide screens and on smaller screens. While you wire frame your site for final coding it is important to understand that some layouts are ideal for design and some are not.

Try to keep the layout simple and not using too many fancy elements, JavaScript and flash elements this could complicate the sightadjustments.Also pay attention to the resolution that can be defined in a range of break points. Some resolutions which are majorly used are 480px for smaller smart phones, 768px this is for larger screen phones, 320px is for the low res phones and 1024px is for the wide screen desktop. Make your images, adaptive to resizing.

A tool which is used to do this is Adaptive Images and this helps in loading the images faster. You can use programs such as GZIP, which helps in compressing the data, so those with low bandwidth. Removing unnecessary white spaces and line breaks can save you some loading time. Design the site in such a way that it does not have unnecessary elements that will not be supported on the cell phones if you have such elements on the main web site get rid of it.

The above are some ofthe basicguidelines that make a good responsivedesign. In the end it totally depends on how you choreograph your website and it can load faster and function well on devices that will have low resolution small processes and low bandwidth.

Does SEO still exist?

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With the latest round of rules and regulations launched by Google, the biggest question in everybody’s mind is – Is there anything like SEO still existent?  Well the truth of the matter is that the answer to this question is a big Yes.

Let us take a hard look and the answer and try to understand the same.

The basic logic of SEO is two-fold- Optimization and Revenue Generation. Each of these activities are different from each other and yet intricately linked to each other. Optimization of a website analyzes a website on the below parameters.

  • How well is the website designed?
  • Is the website designed as per the each and every guideline?
  • Are the keywords used and distributed properly ?
  • Does the website description in the coding have the keywords?

Only when a website clears each of the above parameter successfully, can it say that it has been optimized.  Now when it comes to the second part i.e. Revenue Generation, this is where the latest rules issued by Google has made people question the relevance of SEO.

When it comes to revenue generation, there are number of different things used by SEO companies and Managers.

The first is link building using Article Posting websites, Blogs, Social Bookmarking and Guest Posts.

The second is creating profiles on popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook and then advertising the links of these platforms.

Now when it comes to the first activity, Google realized that a number of websites indulged in Spamming. They also realized that these websites did not check the quality of the articles and blogs submitted. Hence initially they reduced the page rank of such websites. However, when SEO companies continued to use them, they then took the extreme step of reducing the impact of such practices.

As a result, in today environment, Social Bookmarking is the only activity that seems reliable and which can give you some guarantee of inbound links.

However, most SEO managers forget that social media platforms can also be extremely important links.  They have the reach that is similar if not higher than article and blog posting websites. However, the biggest factor that keeps them high on the list is that 99% of the advertising on these platforms is paid advertising.

Google attaches a huge positive to paid advertising. The reasoning behind it is that if any person is ready to pay to advertise their company, they will ensure that the content on their website and the advertisement is good enough to attract visitors.

So as you can see, SEO is not dead, but has just evolved.

Are you using social media properly?

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Social media is a buzz word in the online marketing industry. It enables small businesses to tap interest of their potential customer.  If social media is executed properly, it can bring tremendous results to the business. In this post we will discuss about the use of social media in an appropriate way that brings breakthrough success in the business ventures.

To use social media properly we need to keep few tips in mind. To bring success in every marketing campaign, it is important to determine the platform. Under social media accounts there are various channels Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, to name a few. It is important to develop a unique strategy personalized as per the prerequisite of the business.

Planning is pervasive for any business venture to be prosperous. Creating a social media plan is the inception stage. A proper planning of content and brainstorming ways to present the content is charted out in the process of planning the marketing plan.

Content rules in online marketing industry. It is imperative to engage the interest of the customer. By creating compelling content which hooks the interest of the readers is essential strategy used in social media. The content should be informative and easy to understand by the readers and content creation strategies that target audiences directly is significant part of the process. The content should be presented in a way that attracts customers. With good and quality content images, videos, podcast, eBooks, presentations, white papers, press releases etc. should be used simultaneously. Blogging is also done with content creation that helps to connect with the audience on a deeper level where through comment feedback and forums create an ambience where people connect on the level of trust and creates an image about particular brand or the company.

Image is everything for the customer in the sphere of online marketing. By image it means branding of the product. Social media is an essential tool for promoting the brand across the globe thorough various mediums representing your voice and identity of the organization. Branding gives followers and in turn loyal customers. Through social medium platforms the organization earns an image that is followed by customers, referred to other people who comes in contact and increases the base of potential pool of customers.

Social media plays a vital role in the process of tracking the progress of the campaigns. It is very important to use social media analytic tools to see the level of business. It comes with additional benefits like they are cost effective or no cost at all and they provide valuable data.