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What is SEO all about?

By June 2, 2014Web Design

The official terminology description for SEO means optimizing your page for search engines. It means that you can get listed on   search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing, etc.where Web Pages and other content are listed according to their ranking Google counts inbound links to websites as votes. The more the number of more votes means the better your ranking,.Of the links that built your reputations and ranking with Google, however this system was easy to abuse so Google introduced a complex formula to maintain and regulate this now it is the quality of the links that matter not the quantity.

The formula is now determined by these key factors.

  •  A link from a high authority website will be more valuable than multiple links from irrelevant websites; the linking websites age authority and page ranking are all factors that taken into account by Google while assessing a link.
  • How relevant and unique is the website when all  your content is  taken into account.
  • The number and quality of links that are linked to your website and its relation to your website are important, too many can set the alarm bells ringing at Google and can penalize you.
  •  Often called the anchor text  that is used to link to your website is significant, webmasters should be asked to use the keywords given by you if you are optimizing for a web site like ‘football training shoes’ then it’s important to have these keywords in the linking text.

There are two methods primarily for doing this.

  1. Approaching websites relevant to your business and asking them for a link, this includes researching your competition from sites like yahoo page explorer or other page software and finding out which page are linking to them. You need to look at websites with good quality content and a high page rank and then need to get in touch webmaster asking for a link
  2. The other method to get good link that are free the web has a multitude of websites that are free and that you can you to get traffic and search engine ranking such as FacebookMyspace and YouTube that rely mainly on user generated content. The beauty of this powerful method is that Google loves these sites this method generates fantastic traffic and helps steadily build your ranking with Google; this method also involves employing the same SEO practices.

So SEO at the end is a bunch of tactics that, if you employ them, will help you rank better in search engines.