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Developers to Get Paid for HTML5 Web Apps on Amazon Appstore

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The Internet Cloud Giant Amazon has announced today that they will now allow the HTML5 web app developers to put price tags against each of their apps and sell them to users.  Earlier all the HTML5 apps were on their own set to free as soon as they were tagged to the Appstore, but not Amazon insists that they come with Price tags like their competitive counterparts.  Amazon’s recent analysis on the Appstore lead to the conclusion that developers would have less interest to stay with Amazon Appstore if their HTML5 apps are going to be served free to the users in the long run.

Amazon was the first Appstore that took the initiative of opening the doors to developers to host HTML5 apps and convert them to either web based apps or turn mobile apps into android apps that could be downloaded from any place in Amazon, with support of Kindle Fire devices, smartphones etc. There was no overhead on developers to do this conversion as Amazon itself was taking care of this conversion option. All the work such as packaging , addition of meta tags all were taken care by Amazon , on submission of the HTML5 App to the Appstore.

The move taken by Amazon was surely to beat the idea of Developers submitting their Apps to iOS first. For users, it can be quite difficult to note the changes between the native and the HTML5 apps , they are not hosted distinctly in the Appstore. This  makes them quite tough to locate at a glance.  There had been a noteable set of HTML5 developers who have participated by posting their own web apps, that could surely lead to the conception that the Web Apps developer group is turning to Android platform in quite large numbers.

All the present  developers in Appstore can now log into using their respective Developer Account to view an updated section of “Availability & Pricing”.  This would help developers to charge for their hosted apps.  In last August, Amazon had enabled HTML5 developers to publish their hosted Web apps right next to the native Android apps in the Appstore; until today, they were all automatically set to free.

It is sure that  Amazon will be taking a small percentage from the profits.  As of now that web apps can be directly sold, developers are now eligible to join the promotion status of Free App of the Day .  Though the developers will  not get paid for the promotion, being with the promotion brings about some amount of benefits, that included being featured on portable devices through social networking sites.

Web Corporates to Disclose More Personal Information

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Web Corporates will now be enjoying the benefit of disclosing confidential information , as per a new agreement released by the Department of Justice. The new set of regulations that has been outlined to the leading Internet Giants effectively puts and end to the ban for exposing confidential data , based on the ruling government’s surveillance interests.  The new rule will allow corporates to inform on national level security statements , also on the requests coming from from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). But they will be allowed to share the amount of requests only in broader range. Previously, companies were prohibited from acknowledging that they received such requests.

Many of the modern day technology based corporates have shared specific kind of data requests from the governing body – especially from the court and from the police department.  But there have been exclusions to this rule when it has come to the publishing of national level security letters , issued from the FISC. Privacy lawyers mentioned that such kind of wide acknowledgement of requests doesn’t help to account the amount of surveillance activity from the governing body in sweeping videos, chats , browsing histories etc. The new rule  acknowledges some of the issues put forward by leading internet giants during their  compromising talks with the Officials from the Department of Justice held recently.

Thew conversation between the Internet Corporates and the Department of Justice began after a sequence of filings that pleaded for alleviating the restrictions  that have been violated during the primary revision. This seems like a very small, almost insignificant, first step. The real issue is the warrantless unconstitutional surveillance of innocent American citizens. And it is disingenuous to emphasize phone metadata, when there is internet surveillance as well. Much more needs to be done, and the politicians who have failed the country by supporting and authorizing unconstitutional activities should be held accountable.

When the legal community gets done with what the NSA and private companies can do with communications, the Intelligence community will fire all the in country hackers and higher newspaper reporters that have a right to gather information wherever it is. For electronic communication traffic, it can be outsourced it to another country that spies in the traditional manner. In the mean time, hacker schools will flourish. It will also make it good for the lawyers. In the near future computers will be able to correlate millions of pieces of information about any individual to create complex profiles based on data from: financial records, internet usage, medical reports, vehicle movement, grocery lists, you name it.. These profile archetypes will indicate sociological tendencies, threat assessment, and other factors that will trigger even more scrutiny, all automated, all the time.

South Korea to Challenge 4G with 5G

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The term ‘buffering’ could become a term of the past with South Korea deciding to develop a 5G network that is expected to be thousand times faster than the present day 4G network.  This was announced by the South Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the New Year 2014.  An investment of $1.5 billion is expected to be made as part of the 5G network development. The development of such a high speed network would mean that a movie of size 800 MB would take a fraction of a second to download to a user’s local PC.

The South Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, known as MEST expects that the service would be rolled out by the year 2017. This would be made commercially available to common users, from 2020. Many features related to the 5G network are being planned that would redefine the present day features such as Ultra-HD streaming, hologram transmission and also allow upgraded social networking services.

The country’s 5G related service sales is expected to gather over $310 billion from the period 2020 to 2026. MEST is planning to implement the new 5G network in cooperation with South Korea Telecom , LG and Samsung.  Meanwhile Samsung had announced the results of their own 5G network sometime back in May 2013. The results projected were that the network was able to attain a speed of almost 1GB per second spanning to a distance of 1.20 miles. Samsung also expects that their service would have a commercial launch by the year 2020.

South Korea isn’t the only one who is looking at the 5G network. Huwaie from China , the leaders in hardware are also heavily investing on the 5G network research and development activities. In the UK region, Ofcom has announced that they have discovered a set of of potential band provisions for offering better mobile broadband in the near future.

The Power of Being Responsive Website

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The new responsive web design concept is gaining popularity much quickly because of its adaptive behavior and the many significant merits it adds to the responsive design based websites. With the advent of portable devices, many consumers are presently moving towards these new devices for being online. These portable devices are available in different dimensions and screen resolutions. Responsive web design provides ways to unify website design formats that look alike across all forms of portable devices.  It’s now becoming evident that  for every business prospects to ensure  responsiveness design of their websites, the layout has to stay compatible with the present day portable devices.

If an online website renders perfectly on traditional desktop pcs, but is a great issue for being used on the new portable device users, it is quickly losing out on a notable number of website visitors and hence loses real visitors of  business website. To ensure that the website hosts transparent and accurate information, it is more a mandatory rule than being an option in today’s digital world. It also  assures that traditional media are replaced by lower screen  resolution devices in areas where consumers experience lower bandwidth. More and more people nowadays enjoy being online from home, or while travelling or even while waiting for an appointment. People can  use internet from almost anywhere. Also, with the use of responsive web design , business won’t have to spend  for developing separate sites for being used on traditional and new generation tech devices.

Business will surely lose a great amount of consumers if the websites they promote are not of responsive nature. Responsive web designs , assures that business gives its users the best possible experience when they move to business hosted website. So, if a website that is not responsive and when consumers try to browse the site on their new devices, it will impact their browsing time and effort spent on your business. All loyal consumers may get off from the website and move to the business counterparts who host responsive designs.



New Age Branding

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Branding is a medium to determine business services that would extricate them from the competitors, and thereby make  and manage a perspective that brings trust between direct consumers and partners of business. Of Late, the concept of Branding has emerged with indications on operational changes and is providing ways into the open market. Many organizations use branding for promoting their brand identity. It helps to serve marketing their services to consumers by many different ways to that of their competitors. With the availability  of many forms of advertising media,  any forms of business  can now be made available to the consumers in a very short time span.

Consumer requirements are changing rapidly and there has been a significant increase in the number of consumers who are gaining information on the internet about the services or products which they wish to buy.  The social media platforms have become extremely popular among consumers by being the method of message communication back and forth. The influence of Social media platforms is so high that the reviews on social media are being seen as the primary source of information on related products and services. Added to this , many peer to peer reviews also contribute in selection of a preferred Brand for subscribing to a new service or buying  a new product from the market.

The new age Branding consultants play a vital role in today’s consumer market. They not only help to identify various forms of ways and thoughts to redefine business models, but also help Business owners  in doing business  the more effective way. They have become an effective channel in developing techniques to maintain business brand identity.  Branding consultants can offer a better idea on service or product improvement. This would involve analysis of business, offers, brand value and also helps in understanding the targeted consumers. Brand consultants are also effective in measuring brand value, marketing and sales and also for formulating ideal marketing strategies.

In short, for attracting consumers in the world of competitors,  any Business brand will have to stay unique from their counterparts.  Maintaining a steady relationship with consumers note is quite vital for any successful brand. For staying ahead and be successful, a Brand has to leverage the strength of continuity by way of engaging the targeted consumer groups at all times.  More and more means of communication are being available in this new digital age.  Brand prospects develop once business identifies who all are getting engaged with the brand and what impression is the business maintaining back on the consumers.  The focus   of a  successful brand will always be to get in touch with consumers, convey messages directly and thereby maintain their brand credibility.

When Branding takes the U-Turn

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Many in the business market are quick to highlight the greatest of the greatest  successful brand stories. All successful brand makers have walked the extra mile to create their own identity in the competitive world , by way of leadership and determination. They have gone through the toughest occasions to reinforce their own mark through intrusive brand development. They never were off their track on their way to developing their brand identity.  There’s no shade of doubt that it is the Brand that holds most value among a business organization’s proudest assets.  A well maintained Brand’s value is sure to increase as years pass by.

Though Brands continue to be the personal identity of any business organizations, the concept has been misunderstood many times. Very often the issue occurs when Brand gets perceived incorrectly by the direct customers.  Branding often goes wrong when business fails to revise the initially set goals.  All business goals have to be related to time and bound to be revised according to the changing consumer market requirements.  Even the revised goal have to have direct relation with the business, be of realistic nature and measurable in the smallest of  units.  The goal revision strategy should adhere to business focus and brand identity.

The concept of Branding takes the U-Turn drastically when the business leaders think about Brand only a medium for marketing. In reality this is not right as a Brand holds much higher value. Branding fails when it continues the ignore business operations, consumer reviews or it can be related to the staff functioning. Though it is quite easy to forget inputs on business functioning, the real need for understanding the Brand comes from the impact of the business has on the consumer market.

We cannot limit any specific entity to be the contributing factor for successful branding. A very low amount of business organizations give the apt value for preserving Brand value. One should not forget that all forms of successful branding provide transparency and brand value for business. This also adds more consumers to the business and improves sales and subscriptions towards business.  Mislead branding techniques can affect sales and may even lead to shut down of companies, within a very short period of time.

Any forms of business should never let fall into a  position that fails to get suggestion from customers and thereby fail to find alternatives as required. All successful  business holders spend largely to follow proper branding guidelines that considers all contributing factors.  A single wrong action can affect Branding.  When the business fails to understand consumers who are closely watching the process, a brand’s success falls off target. Making corrective actions and keeping consumers happy all the time can lead to successful branding.

Social Media Being Decisive on Branding

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Brand and Social Media


With the advent of Social Media platforms, more and more consumers are spending active time online, to read about various available product brands in the market, today.  For selecting the best and reliable service providers, many consumers are spending ‘quality time’ to read about the customer reviews, product usage reviews and other related information on the available competitive brands.  On a consumer’s perspective, the channels that are available to rate brands, to know about the latest rankings and customer opinions on the available brands, are increasing exponentially, day by day.  In short, we can see that Social Media platforms are playing a vital and progressive role, in identifying a brand’s active existence among consumers.

Social Media platforms are a great medium to bring about brand awareness. This would help to build trust in the brand, connect directly with customers, share interests and thereby build a community of loyal customers for the brand.  In other words, it is essential that Brand awareness or Branding requires customers to be let known of what they really are capable of providing back to the consumers. The key for developing successful brand awareness is to constantly educate consumers through social media platforms with relevant content. This would in turn result  in making consumers to think about the specific brand when they have to make a choice , while planning to purchase a product or a while doing service subscriptions.

Consumer awareness not only helps to gain constant feedback on products, but also to refine the services offered on a timely fashion.  The consumers today are very smart to easily identify the fraudulent activities that showcase huge fan followings for Brand on social media.  Hence it is absolutely necessary for a Brand to assist consumers in making purchasing decisions, being truthful and to have a passion towards acceptance.

Successful Branding of any forms of business or service has to pass through the initial phase of consumer awareness. Hence it is required that any successful brand existence is backed up strong and definite online presence through forums and communities. Some of the factors that can contribute in improving Brand awareness are blogs, presentations, videos, images and advertisements. Identifying the values that are vital to the brand, augmenting them in the efforts would result in improved brand awareness.

Branding – Being Unique and Staying Focused in the Business world

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Branding is a vital aspect of all business organizations. In today’s competitive world, it is the most decisive way to augment the demand for any service in the competitive market. The healthy competition between the service providers results in the production of quality services. In such a state, for any service providers or business organization, Branding becomes a necessity to stay differentiated from their direct competitors. Not only does Branding help to popularize the business, but also it provides a sense of creating a unique identity of one’s own, in the ever growing competitive business market.

Building a firm and exclusive mark is one of the most important factors in Branding. It includes Brand unification, message conveyance, research procedures, and other related methods. It helps to formulate a strategy within your business that helps in establishing strategy for branding in a unique way. This would also help in defining the brand features, service availability, and service/business reputation.

A brand is a relationship developed on trust between your business and customer and is represented by the environmental and visual presentation of the brand. For most businesses, branding is just one way to differentiate one product or service from the other. Beyond just a recognizable mark or logo, a strong brand actually creates advantage that is viable. In order to achieve lasting success for the brand, one must formulate a brand strategy that is different and evolutionary.

Consumers buy most products and services based on their branding. All kinds of Businesses, who hold a good brand, induce positive experiences in customers, making them to be more apt to come back and use the same brand. Part of your branding should involve customers; as they are a vital part of your business. Business should ensure to have a brand that connects directly with clients. Not only know the statistics from the focused audience, but know their lifestyles. How a customer accepts your business is also what defines the brand, so the focus should be to make it a good one. Establishing a connection with customers is important for all organizations and a brand can epitomize attributes to which consumers will feel attracted.

A brand must be well placed as a brand that doesn’t have clear, focused ideas tend to have reversed messages that generate confusion amongst key customers. Understanding the brand is like connecting directly with how it makes us feel. It’s quite strong when done correctly. And can be very frustrating when done incorrectly. In today’s fast paced world, whether your goal is to increase volume or for staying ahead of competitors, brands create need and are a source of competitive gain for your business.