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Ways to advertise on social marketing

By May 25, 2014Network

Social media has given a new face to marketing. It is a new way to reach out to your customers. Facebook set up its marketing plan for advertisers in such a way that it influences the buyers purchase decisions. Facebook offers a couple of tools advertisements one such tool is Facebook sponsored stories you can pay Facebook to highlight your post or an action of a Facebook fan of your business. This simply shares your post to everyone in that person’s friends list. This is either on the sidebar or news feed. Your page can reach to some extent on Facebook with Facebook promoted posts tool. Your content may include product photographs, updates about your day to day activities, different offers, videos you like or concerning your products, any polls you may conduct.

These posts have the capacity to reach not only your consumer base but also the people who have liked shared and commented on that particular post. You must note that your business page should have at least 100 fans to begin with. The best way to promote your business content or an event that you want to hold is trough Page Post Ads. These Ads are normal posts on any company’s profile page. The company then coverts these posts into a paid advertisement . Another tool is called `Offers’, with this your business can send coupons directly to their fan-base. Fans can share these offers with anyone they want by clicking on the “share offer” link below the story. This is initially free but Facebook is now charging a minimum fee equal to five USD for this promotional activity.

A handy tool that allows companies to target customers on Twitter is to promote specific tweet about themselves posted on their profile or on the profile of a customer. By doing this companies are able to target other twitter users who have similar interests to their customer base. This will easily increase the number of followers for a company. A higher number of customers’ means that the company will feature is Twitter’s “Who to Follow” account recommendation engine. These are two majorly used pages used for social marketing, there are other social networking websites such as Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube these pages are getting popularity slowly but are not as popular. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. But YouTube uses digital advertising video content, this different approach to the others.