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Why should business get a website nowadays?

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If you own a company the first place people go to get information about you will be the internet. And if building a website for your company isn’t a priority for you right now, well here are a few reasons why you should reconsider. A great way to market your business is by building a website, your current marketing strategies may work great, but the commercials, TVad’s, news paper ad’s etc. are not very economical and cost effective. In this new age of internet the number of users is countless and still increasing, by making a simple website you are now advertising to a vast group of people, creating awareness about your service.

Having a website helps you share testimonials and reviews about your company, people like to know what you do and what you are willing to do for them, give them this informative talk about your company’s history your employees post picture. Make your website informative. Because people like to do business with people they know. There is a lot of competition out there. People are constantly looking for information; comparing prices etc. The website lets your customers to have access to your products 24/7 and contact you and let them immediately get in touch with you.Having a website lets you interact and maintain a relation with your company. Posting newsletters, holding polls and surveys, promotion of special deals can be done through websites.

People like to do business with a good legit company, having a well designed website serves this purpose and can even increase sales.The web provides Valuable information about what the customers’ demands are. You can set up surveys and find out what your customers needs accordingly you can set up your marketing strategies. This also lets you know what is trending in the market.

It is always important to look bog and act big while doing any business than you really are. Every big business had a website and so do small businesses. The design of your website portrays how professional you are poor design can make you look amateur.
Having a website means you need to develop effective online marketing strategies, this is because your business is bound to grow if you follow some of the online marketing strategies which you could not achieve with the old traditional method.

For every new business it is expected to have a website, internet is the new face of business. Your business is at risk of not being known to a number of prospective customers.

Are you using social media properly?

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Social media is a buzz word in the online marketing industry. It enables small businesses to tap interest of their potential customer.  If social media is executed properly, it can bring tremendous results to the business. In this post we will discuss about the use of social media in an appropriate way that brings breakthrough success in the business ventures.

To use social media properly we need to keep few tips in mind. To bring success in every marketing campaign, it is important to determine the platform. Under social media accounts there are various channels Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, to name a few. It is important to develop a unique strategy personalized as per the prerequisite of the business.

Planning is pervasive for any business venture to be prosperous. Creating a social media plan is the inception stage. A proper planning of content and brainstorming ways to present the content is charted out in the process of planning the marketing plan.

Content rules in online marketing industry. It is imperative to engage the interest of the customer. By creating compelling content which hooks the interest of the readers is essential strategy used in social media. The content should be informative and easy to understand by the readers and content creation strategies that target audiences directly is significant part of the process. The content should be presented in a way that attracts customers. With good and quality content images, videos, podcast, eBooks, presentations, white papers, press releases etc. should be used simultaneously. Blogging is also done with content creation that helps to connect with the audience on a deeper level where through comment feedback and forums create an ambience where people connect on the level of trust and creates an image about particular brand or the company.

Image is everything for the customer in the sphere of online marketing. By image it means branding of the product. Social media is an essential tool for promoting the brand across the globe thorough various mediums representing your voice and identity of the organization. Branding gives followers and in turn loyal customers. Through social medium platforms the organization earns an image that is followed by customers, referred to other people who comes in contact and increases the base of potential pool of customers.

Social media plays a vital role in the process of tracking the progress of the campaigns. It is very important to use social media analytic tools to see the level of business. It comes with additional benefits like they are cost effective or no cost at all and they provide valuable data.

Why is word press a popular CMS?

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WordPress offers a lot of benefits, but it is often underrated here are reasons why WordPress is better for CMS. Word press saves money you no longer need to hire designers to do basic text changes and edits; this can now be done by you itself. This saves a lot of time and money. It lets you to make changes and add content to your website and alter it instantly and you can keep your web page updated.The format of every page made through WordPress is similar. This lets you manage your time well by adding content and then scheduling the time for it to be uploaded and any time of the day.

By adding a few plug-ins you word press can turn into a full service membership site with many levels as possible. It lets you automatically integrate your posts with pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With WordPress you can now add both written and multimedia content to any webpage with the utmost of ease. WordPress is constructed in such a way that blog code is steady and efficient without unnecessary HTML code that Google finds very engaging for indexing. And with the right setup, you can be able to tweak the information and optimize it to help boost the chances of a good ranking in search engine results.

The extremely simple way provided by WordPress to add and manage any type of material makes it fun for the designer. When you see the results of your own efforts instead of outsourcing everything, you become charged up even more to add more content.Your frequency of the input will draw Google attention and other search engines towards you. During the indexing process, they will compare the earlier information with new information and add it to their database.

The linking process to the new pages is done automatically based on what category you specify. This can be done directly from the admin login rather than using a software programmer to edit Java and PHP files at the coding level. Your blog posts are automatically be syndicated. They are converted to RSS feeds and syndicated to other websites. You begin the topic of your choice and allow people to continue the discussion. WordPress lets you see these comments and approve them before anyone else sees them on your Web site. You can also upload photos without having the risk of uploading to the wrong directories.


How Can Videos in Your Website Help You Get More Business?

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Not all visitors on your business website will be keen on reading the complete content. Many visitors most often will just read a few lines and then move on. For such visitors having a video that talks about your business is the best way to communicate.

A business video helps to give you an increased visibility online. For example, if you have your own channel on YouTube you can embed the videos that you post on YouTube on your website also. This way you attract traffic both ways. Plus the increased number of likes for your video the higher will be your ranking on the search engine. Videos are also more engaging. People love watching videos since they don’t have to spend time on reading. A well produced video can get across the message of the business very easily. People often do not read the whole content on your website and it is also difficult for a person to gauge the emotions while reading. But in a video well incorporated audio, vocals and images can create the right kind of emotions in a viewers mind. It is a best way to keep your viewers engaged and the message given also stays in their mind.

A video can help you get more business. A video can be shared on various platforms and this way you attract viewers on a wide range. Your video can be watched by many people from diverse geographical locations. People who love your video will share them with their friends and family. Usually people go for a product that has been recommended by someone. This is the best way to get more loyal customers. Without spending much you are able to make a worldwide presence through a video. With the help of a video you can also show demonstrations of your product. You can also explain how to use your product and various other things.

To get the best out of your video make sure that it is well produced. Ensure that the video is HD Quality and it uses appealing music and characters. And don’t forget to publish your video on different web channels to generate more traffic. You can do many creative things with a video. You can have a number of videos running on your website, so that your customers will have a choice of watching a video.

V2V technology: US unveils plan for cars of the future

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You might get hurt very badly on the next turn of your car, this kind of transmission you can receive when you are heading towards peril. This kind of technology is going to be there in your car very soon according to Government. On Monday the officials told that this technology has game changing potential which can cut the rate of accidents, crashes. But this can take a more couple of years.

It is like the radio transmission we get from other vehicles. A beacon radio like would transmit the position, speed and other necessary information to other vehicle. This kind of information will also be received from other vehicles and in end it will result in alertness to the driver who is impending towards a collision. There is an option where the system automatically chooses to brake itself when he receives any such information. But this option will be installed totally on manufactures choice.

This project is under National Highway traffic Safety administration. They are working in collaboration with automakers from a very long time to build such a technology. Estimation says that about 80 percent of accidents can be prevented through this technology but this does not include drivers who are drunkard and cars that have mechanical problem.

David Friedman, the head of the safety administration, told at a news conference that this technology will be help full in preventing crashes but on other hand government is focusing on those accidents where people can survive. Another official from Obama administration said that this technology is required to be in new vehicles to send a message to automation industry that in future the information is from vehicle – to – vehicle technology. It is not a easy task it will take at least several years to have such technology installed in vehicles. This is quoted by officials. A report will be issued lately in this month on the result of this research after the report both public and automakers have 90 days to say anything regarding the project. After completion of these 90 days a proposal will be drafted by regulators requiring automakers who will equip vehicles with this new technology. An officer Foxx told that his intention is to propose this project and get implemented before President Barack Obama leaves office.

There are other things also before automakers go ahead with this technology. And every official and automation industry have to go through in very long details.

Home Internet Access Rising

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According to a government report almost three quarters of all homes in America have now access to Internet. But still some gaps exist across some demographics of U.S. especially at educational levels. On Tuesday the Census Bureau released its 2012 report on Computer and Internet Trends in America. Overall it can be seen that 74.8 percent of the U.S. homes have access to Internet in their homes which is up from only 8.2 percent from the first report of 1984. The annual report of the Census looks and considers the broader view of the use of Internet by keeping a track of national statistics taken in account like age, race, gender, region, income, education and employment status.

The last set of population in demographicrepresents the largest gap in the case of the number of persons that are using Internet at their home and this difference is highly surprising. In the age group of people of 25 years or older, just about 30 percent of the people who are not graduated from high school were using the Internet in their homes in the year 2012. This figure is now doubled approximately that is about 58 percent for the persons who are now graduates of high school and it has reached jumping up high to 90 percent for the ones who have obtained the degree of bachelor or other higher degree.

These big gaps in the figures in the data provided in the education sector are even higher than the statistical data figures breaking in, in case of income of people. It can be seen that nearly 45 percent of the people that are living in a household with income of less than $25,000 logged on at home in the year 2012 which is almost double for the homes having an income of $150,000 or higher. In all of the America, of all the homes, 80 percent have a computer and of those 80 percent just less than 95 percent use the computer for getting connected to the Internet.

The Bureau of Census also kept a track of the use of Internet state wise. It was seen that New Hampshire jumped out with the highest percentage of the people who are accessed to the Internt in their homes with percentage of 79.5 percent while Mississippi was last in this record with mere 56 percent of people using Internet at their homes.

Companies back fast internet –in – schools initiative

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A vision watches by President Barack Obama that every school should be lined up with high speed internet. It is told from White House that private support is there for help to complete the pledge of President Barack Obama. The pledge quotes that around 15,000 schools and almost 20 million students will be benefited through high speed internet service in the coming years.

There is an event scheduled on Tuesday which will focus on his connectED initiative. Denis McDonough told NBC that there are companies who are ready to commit half billion dollars for this project. After this the schools will be having the technology for all the students who have to compete in this economy. Chief of staff Denis McDonough told all this in ‘meet the press’ which is conducted by NBC.

According to Education department there are around 80 schools which have internet capabilities. But these facilities are quiet restricted to very few places. The internet only work in the range where front office is or in the computer lab. President Barack Obama cites that American schools are way behind in the broadband access if it is compare to other countries.

On the other hand Federal Communication Commission also wants to increase connectivity in schools. Federal Commission is considering different ways through which this is possible. In return they want to increase use of high end speed internet. This future project will help a lot of students. It’s not that American schools don’t have internet facility but they don’t have high speed internet service.

Even Federal Communication Commission thinks alike. Commission is also looking for different ways to keep up this good project. As it is already mentioned that an event is going to be there which is totally focuses on it.  Even the private companies are most likely accepting this project and ready to commit more than a half – billion dollars. According to an official there are more than 40 companies who want to get this project done as quickly as possible. Americans wants that their class rooms to be high end speed interactive to help the new age children.

President Barack Obama told that he want maximum schools to be covered with in the time frame of four years. This initiative is taken to get students aided with newer technology which in return help the economy of America. The aim for this project is to make schools internet speed zone.

Internet Service Providers vouch to be fair on Network Neutralities

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Network neutrality is a very important issue that is facing the Internet since it started for any subject that will sound dull. The set up of mind behind net neutrality is that the material of web that we are able to see on our laptops, smartphones either from Google of any other blog should be able to flow freely through the internet pipes irrespective of the origin, content or the destination without getting any special treatment for anyone.

The issue has come in front of the appeals made by a federal to the court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission can not stand in the ways of AT&T, Verizon and other Internet Service Providers any longer that are in any way to create Internet Express lanes.

President Barack Obama said on Friday that FCC was considering the appeal of a free and open internet with the goal of maintaining. The FCC has been preventing the telecommunications companies to play favorites on long distance telephone lines since 1970s. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast contend that if a Netfix or a Google desire to pay more to travel in a fast lane, then why not!

But FCC and others are worried that such agreement would allow the internet service providers play their favorites and give a preferred treatment to the ones who can afford it. Honestly, AT&Ts and Verizons of the world are not trusted by many of the people. For example, in 2007 traffic was slowed down by Comcast that involved file sharing format of Bit torrent, in 2010 people were blocked by Verizon to use skype on their network, in 2010, AT&T blocked people that are having unlimited data plans to use the FaceTime video chat featuresof Apple until they are not subscribed to some expensive plan.

It is said by the Internet Providers that it should be customers decision made according to their wallets whether to switch to another provider on not agreeing with another’s practices of business. But many of the Americans do not get the option to switch. The report of FCC in 2013 which was about the competition among the Internet Service Providers that are wired found that nearly one third of the Americans have only one possible provider with high speed internet travelling at the rate of 6 megabits per second in their home. And other 37 percent of Americans only had two options.

Currently, the wagons are being circled by the wagons that is until one line in a direction or another is breached, at a point where the internet’s future might change for ever.

Apple’s smart watch may come with solar power, wireless charging capabilities: Report

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To dominate the world of mobile Google and Apple are trying to find newer technology that help to charge battery through various option available. Batteries that last longer became very important to the generation who carry their world with them in the face of mobile. According to New York Times Apple is the company which want that their product should last long in case of battery. Long lasting batteries can prove to be a good point to upend the market for the companies.

Apple has reportedly open new hiring’s for   engineers who specialize in the field of solar energy. This is done because Apple might add an additional layer of solar charger in its new upcoming and much rumored smart watch. By doing so Apple wants to use solar energy to give battery back up to the wearable computers on which our day to day life depend.

From an official report an Apple former executive told that Apple is the company who is trying to build a smart battery for its phone and also for iPods. Apple is trying to do so from a very long time. But on the practical note it seems impossible for the company to regulate it. It is so because most of the time when we are outside the phone or iPod is in pocket and if we have to use it then we do so by using headphones. If we are inside then the artificial generate very less amount of energy which can be used for charging. The report further said that Apple is looking for the technology which can charge without using any wires. In it’s much rumored and waited smart watch Apple is trying to install this technology.

The similar kind of technology can be seen in phones launched by Nokia where the people don’t have to use wires for charging. Simply they have to put their phone on charging surface. Apple’s much waited smart watch is expected to have a curved glass screen. For getting this idea work Apple has hired engineers in the recent past which have expertise in power technology.

Battery is the only part of phone which is not transformed for a very long time though other features of phone have gone through a drastic change. Screen of the phone have gone for the minimum to maximum and other parts too but now phone geeks are looking for a change in the charging pattern also. Might be we can see a breakthrough in coming years.

Apple Said to be Studying Solar, Motion Charging for iWatch

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A report given by the New York Times had provided a lot of speculation for the iWatch which is also including the false information about use of the solar power in it. According to a story that is covered in New York Times of the Sunday, the iWatch of Apple is in a lot of rumors and is said to be under tests for both solar  and wireless charging.

According to some report given, the charging method used in the watch can be of wireless type and is also likely to involve magnetic induction method. And this may also be imagined to involve the use of a charging plate as well. According to some other report, the other method that is possible in the useof filling up and recharging the power used in the watch can be done by addition of a solar charging layer in the screen. Some other report from the Times also stated that the charging of the battery while it is in movement is a method that already exists in many modern watches also. Apple had filed a patent for the use of this technology in the year 2009 which is detailed as when an arm of a person swings it can operate a very small station of charge that can generate and thus push the power to the device to be charged even while a person is walking or in other motion.

The method that is involving the force and energy of a body in motion to charge the watch in place of traditional batteries that are used is suggested as is it a clear fact that a smart watch that is getting power by a complex sophisticated processor running in it would someday completely run out of its power capacity and juice that can keep the consumers on run.

In the story covered by the Times, it cited the co-founder of Nest and Tony Fadell who is also known as one of the fathers of the ipod who have said that Apple might have tried for so long to build up a battery that is smarter than the traditional ones for example batteries that can be charged with solar power, but Apple facilely d in the procedure. The previously occurring rumours of the curved glass display were also being repetitively included in the reports!