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Apple’s smart watch may come with solar power, wireless charging capabilities: Report

By February 6, 2014General

To dominate the world of mobile Google and Apple are trying to find newer technology that help to charge battery through various option available. Batteries that last longer became very important to the generation who carry their world with them in the face of mobile. According to New York Times Apple is the company which want that their product should last long in case of battery. Long lasting batteries can prove to be a good point to upend the market for the companies.

Apple has reportedly open new hiring’s for   engineers who specialize in the field of solar energy. This is done because Apple might add an additional layer of solar charger in its new upcoming and much rumored smart watch. By doing so Apple wants to use solar energy to give battery back up to the wearable computers on which our day to day life depend.

From an official report an Apple former executive told that Apple is the company who is trying to build a smart battery for its phone and also for iPods. Apple is trying to do so from a very long time. But on the practical note it seems impossible for the company to regulate it. It is so because most of the time when we are outside the phone or iPod is in pocket and if we have to use it then we do so by using headphones. If we are inside then the artificial generate very less amount of energy which can be used for charging. The report further said that Apple is looking for the technology which can charge without using any wires. In it’s much rumored and waited smart watch Apple is trying to install this technology.

The similar kind of technology can be seen in phones launched by Nokia where the people don’t have to use wires for charging. Simply they have to put their phone on charging surface. Apple’s much waited smart watch is expected to have a curved glass screen. For getting this idea work Apple has hired engineers in the recent past which have expertise in power technology.

Battery is the only part of phone which is not transformed for a very long time though other features of phone have gone through a drastic change. Screen of the phone have gone for the minimum to maximum and other parts too but now phone geeks are looking for a change in the charging pattern also. Might be we can see a breakthrough in coming years.