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SEO Myths

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Everyone who is new to SEO and wants to get started with it will come across some of the myths and misconceptions. Most Common questions that pop up in their minds isthat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is difficult for a common person to understand. This is because the basics of SEO are not clear to them. SEO is a strategy used to make your website succeed in the search engine listings, and attract as many readers as possible. There some difficult things to understand in Search Engine Optimization, but if you have your basics clear in your head this should not be a problem.

SEO is large subject and there is no way you could learn it, just as any other subject you cannot expect to learn everything at once, you need to start from somewhere get your basics right and then move forward from there and slowly you will feel comfortable with its concepts.
Another myth is that once you have submitted your web site to search engines your work is done this does not work like that, doing this won’t get you instant traffic and popularity it just means that you’re out there and ready. This is just a part of SEO which is no longer necessary.
Search Engine Optimization is a lengthy process and takes up too much time this just means that you need to work on your content and the look of your website by doing this you’re helping yourself by making yourself easily available for your visitors.

One of the most popular myths is sending your website to at least 1000 search engines, it does not work like that and is not true. You think your site is too big and you will never be able to do this alone, everything takes time, you will only reach your goal if you take the first step, Start one page at a  time pick the important pages first focus on them so that they become e popular. And then keep Search Engine Optimization in your mind while you create the new pages
You must have heard that meta tagging and using keywords, description tags, all these are informational html tags use as search engine spiders for indexing. This is not true, it is just a part of Search Engine Optimization.

Use of doorway pages, keyword shuffling and using more tricky stuff to get high rankings is another myth. These are a part of something called as ‘black hat search engine optimization’. This is not recommended to be a part of a good SEO. Getting to the top ten on any search engine quickly, another myth, you need to have patience and give time for Search Engine Optimization. Getting to the top should not be your ultimate goal if your website provides good service and making it easy to find this applies to those who need to find it. Being ignorant to Search Engine Optimization and thinking you don’t need them and you are doing just fine without it, Search Engine Optimization is a never ending process, you need to think on a long term basis you might be doing fine now but for how long. There is always something that you can change or add in Search Engine Optimization. Take your time and get your basics right and you will do just fine.

2014 SEO Trends

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Building a dazzling website is of no use unless it generates gigs from it. Since, zillions of users use Google to search to find what they are searching for; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all you need to standby. It is one of the remarkable strategies for every single website owner to attract traffic and customer to their pages.To be rewarded with lucrative profits as ROI (Return on Investment), website holdersneed to plan smartly their SEO tactics with utmost care.

  1. Mobile SEO

In the modern day scenario, mobile marketing is very important. Mobile search is growing rapidly with the revolution of Smartphones.  Mobile SEO is going to be the up-to-the-minute trend in 2014. Developing a mobile SEO strategy is highly important since every user uses internet through mobile devices. In that case, website design and content should be presented in a way that is easy to use making a website friendly to users.

  1. Content is the King

Google updates have removed the myth, “Content is the King”. Earlier content was the king, but now content creation strategies are more important than ever. A good content creation policy is the key element that aims to target the audience. Keyword padding is penalized and will not be accepted any longer. The website should be presented in a way which is easy to navigate, readable, and informative. Better content policies will give good rankings, profits and no penalties.

  1. Optimize Social Media Accounts


Inthe coming days and at present as well, no internet marketing is complete without proper utilization of social media accounts. To optimize social media completely, one needs to act on all social media platforms as per your niche. All SEO strategies must be placed properly so that content is shared without a hitch on all social media accounts.Be smart with your social media efforts image, and strategies.

  1. A website holder must optimize for visitors not search engines. It is extremelyessential to aim the audience in an appropriate way.
  2. It is indeed very imperative to build connectionInstead of link building.
  3. Put great effort of long tail keywords. One should think of how people search.
  4. Branding will help better ranking for your website. Developing a brand can increase ROI (Return of Investment)

  1. It is imperative to optimize Images. So don’t fail to recall alt tags. Image marketing can get boundlessoutcomes.
  2. On Page SEO is still significant. It is essential to notoverlook the SEO Basics
  3. Web design is more imperative than ever. Decent design can increaseoutcomes.

Last but not least, don’t try to cheat Google.





The Importance of Having an SEO Optimized Website

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Today the internet is exploding with a large number of websites. There are almost a billion websites that are trending on the internet. This has culminated into a stiff competition. And this competition has given rise to SEO optimized website.

There is often a misconception among business owners, that the website will simply generate good amount of traffic by just having a presence on the internet. However, this is not true since there is such a cut throat competition. Therefore, there is a need to optimize your website. If a website is not properly optimized it will be lost on the internet and no one will be able to find it. Search Engine Optimization gives you an idea of what keywords your target audience might be using in the search engine. You can optimize these keywords for your website and generate more traffic. SEO also provides you with details of the keywords that your competitors might be using. This way you can use such keywords to reach your audience. Whenever a person types a keyword that matches to the one that your site is optimized with; automatically the person will land on your webpage. People who do not even know about your business can know about it just by typing a keyword that is related to your website. This way you can generate a good quality and quantity traffic.

SEO optimized websites are a must for businesses who wish to expand their reach. With optimization, you can get traffic from varied locations. You can get in touch with people who might not even know about your business. Your website is a key to get new sales and increase profits. Therefore, it is very important that the right people reach it.

To keep your audience engaged it is necessary that you have a compelling content on your site. A well written and original content is what keeps a customer hooked to your website. So make sure that you keep changing content on a timely basis. Whenever you add content, your ranking also increases.

SEO today has become a must have for every website. Whether you are a small business or a large one it is essential to have an optimized website. Make sure that you choose SEO managers who are skilled and have knowledge to handle your website. An experience SEO manager will know many tricks and tweaks to help generate an audience for your website.