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Amazon Launches eMarket

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Amazon has announced launching of three new stores on its marketplace of video games, music and luggage & bags. has now a broad selection available across 18 product categories with the launching of these three new stores comprising of more than 900,000 products, more than 10 million numbers of books and also over two million eBooks. Today all three stores are offering largest selection of products in India along with the guarantee of Amazon of next day delivery in several cities.

Consumers of India can now easily buy the most iconic albums also along with special sets of box of legends like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Pandit Ravi Shankar etc. Also, the buyers will have direct access to the CDs in India from the most popular international bands as well that includes Iron Maiden, Linking Park etc to current sensations like Bruno Mars, Skrillex and David Guetta.

The intuitive search and browsing experience on helps the customers to easily discover the title from the original sound tracks, karaoke and compilations, concert and song videos. With the help of Genre and formats consumers can also search like with film music, devotional. Instrumental, rock, pop, audio CD, MP3, Vinyl etc in order to find their favorite albums and purchase them also. All customers get the benefit of a safe and secure experience of ordering, convenient electronic payments options, no risk and hassle free returns policy, 24X7 customer service support of Amazon along with globally recognized and comprehensive purchase protection of 100% which is provided by the Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee. In addition to this, more than 135000 products are available for delivery on next day on in cities with eligible pin codes.

Also, customers can now shop with the latest mobile shopping apps available for for iPhones, Android phones and iPads. These apps can be used by them for shopping conveniently on the go which is as easy as they can shop from their PCs. They can easily browse and search for their list of favorite products, view its recommendations and also customer reviews, can add the products to their wish lists to be purchased later on or to shopping cart and finally can complete the procedure of purchase by using any kind of payment options available on the site. Customers can also keep a track on the status of thior orders been made on The mobile shopping app of Amazon is available for free and can be downloaded from the appstore of Amazon that is

Samsung Galaxy S5: A closer look at the latest rumours and potential tech spec

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Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiled shortly at Mobile World Congress which will be going to happen in Barcelona very soon in earlier this week. Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be emphasizing on the gimmicky features which is present in the previous version of Samsung Galaxy S4. On the other hand Galaxy S5 is a much more mature innovation for professionals. Around mid march or somewhere around it Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released and in this product Samsung finally use aluminum chassis for the body. And a finger print or retina scanner is also there.

It might be a possibility that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiling around end of March or in the beginning of April. There are rumors that Galaxy S5 body is having biometric sensors in it. According to a renowned leaker Galaxy S5 is having finger print scanner. The rear camera is of 16 mega pixel is most likely to be reported. A report says that RAM of Galaxy S5 is the first to have 4GB but less can also be there. As it is told that Samsung Galaxy S5 might have chassis of pure aluminum which is significantly different from its predecessors which are having plastic body. If Samsung is using aluminum body then it will look good as iPhone 5 or like HTC. And this different use of metal will give a very good look to galaxy S5.

Amount for Galaxy S5 will be almost equal to Samsung Galaxy S4 but it might go a bit up because of the aluminum chassis and also for the high end resolution screen. The expected launch price will be somewhere around 550Euro or in US it can be 650$.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is running software Android 4.4but when it comes to user experience it is not so very clear might be they are having Touch Wiz or any other software. Google and Samsung are cosied by a global patent cross licensing deal. It might be the possibility that these are not reached to in time of Galaxy S5 launch. Might be in Samsung Galaxy S6 is not having Touch Wiz/ Magazine.

In case of other apps Samsung is providing a whole range of its own brand of apps. Consumers are hoping to have a new and fresh version of apps which is cater to them lastly.

How Open Source Can Help Developers Build Totally Encrypted E-mail

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Everyone is in need for a more confidential e-mail service. Revelations are there on the surveillance capabilities of government funded projects on a global scale which fuel the need of it. Project such as PRISM rises many doubts about how much confidential is our communications are which include email also. Users are generally very worried about the personal information being given or misused. These electronic surveillance programs lead to disclosure of the users data which cause tension among them. As we all know that necessity is the mother of all invention and this situation gives an epitome of the proverb.

Scramble IO which is a secure webmail provider comes in recognition of the need to keep e-mail private. GitHub is the one who developed Scramble.IO in an open source manner. Seeing technically there are some limitations in the e-mail as we know it today like as POP, SMTP etc. in their blog they have cited that this is the reason behind the closure of silent circle. Other options are also there which a decade old is. PGP, Free and open source variants such as GnuPG has been developed which is used for commercial purpose. An average user cannot set PGP that is the reason consumer use a webmail service provider. These webmail service providers make pairs of keys because the browser based end user experience is very much convenient for consumers. For doing so PGP is required to be set on both ends of the communication.

This is the limitation which is being faced by Scramble.IO too. Developer of Scramble.IO also notes that PGP is focused merely on concealing the plaintext of the body. But most of the things go unencrypted. Like subject line of message. These short comings are to be claimed and addressed by Scramble.IO. Other user making use of the built-in Mail application can try making use of free and open source such as GPGMail.

These can provide a secure e-mail service and people can transfer their data without any fear of getting it leaked or being taken away to be used by companies. Government also invests in such projects which work on this kind of surveillance protection for e-mail confidentiality.  Data which is transfer through e-mail is very private to all the consumers and its privacy is very important for them. Many webmail service providers are improving day by day to get ahead in business and they are doing well too.

Wearable technology will take centerstage this year

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Wearing mobile it’s a new trend this year. Lots of products are going to be in market which can be wearing. Smartwatch is not an only option in wearing mobility. Now wearable glasses and many other devices are also in market which is design to cater to user’s health, needs and senses. Basically wearable products are used to supplement the primary device like smartphone but in coming future these devices can run third party computing applications which can also be worn. These wearable products are getting improved constantly which is gaining traction when huge companies like Microsoft, Apple and LG are making foray into the market in the end of the year 2014.

Technology in healthcare

They both are connected together through optimizing productivity technology. Wearable products always communicate with us connected to a hub or host like smartphones. These devices play  an important role in health care. They are used to simplify process of treatment it is told by Rajiv Kapur, M.D, Broadcom India.

Companies are focusing and being very specific in designing such wearable products which can be done without any hassle. The transition should be very smooth. There are a lot of opportunity is offered to developers to write apps in them such as health and wellness or sports and fitness. Wearable computing is said to be subtext of internet by Broadcom. The general manager of APAC Troy said that the industry is going through a design renaissance and companies have to figure out the puzzle. Only then they can offer the best app in smart watches. It is said for Evernote which the popular note taking app on smartwatches. Basically they are having room for all.

There are a lot of options available for connectivity for wearable devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. These options are there to make wearable tech a great success but evolution is also needed. The life of these smartwatches is supplemented through Bluetooth which is customized into low energy form. That means all the features of Bluetooth will be their but to utilize them one has to add big size batteries to these small devices. Cost effectiveness is also a part of it.

In the coming years India can also see the most wearable products and they can be cost effective too. Wearable products are seeing a very drastic change and it will cater in many field.

The Rise of the Choice Engines Will Simplify Making Smart Choices

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More meaningful choices will be offered to users through these new choice engines which combine vast social anddigital data with enterprise data. Why do we need these choice engines can be explain simply by an example. Like we use Google for a particular search it act like a search engine which gives a number of sources and from these we can choose a right one for our use. In the same manner choice engine work in the midst of anything it will help you a lot. Barry Schwartz who is a famous psychologist says that a lot of choices can lead to chaos. Some people find it difficult to choose right from wrong and then they don’t choose it. He called it paradox of choice. Choice engine is an answer to this paradox.

Now we will see why choice engine is simply world’s choices. To understand this we will take an example of the volume of data generated by individual on their social networking sites. Recently it comes in knowledge that around 70% of data is being generated on internet every day. Apple receives 47000 apps download in every minute. 2, 72,000 of dollars are being spend by consumer on net shopping. After this explosion of data consumers don’t get benefits immediately. Now the new technology play’s its role.

Emerging new technology provide a big opportunity to create market and value of this personal data from ‘smarter disclosure’. The data is converted into such a format which enables consumers to make decisions. If we provide certain amount of information to these choice engines then they will help us to find many things in which we are confused. Enormous potential is there in choice engine. It is like a boon to the consumers which will help them in saving money and making better decision.

Choice engine is like solving our problems in many ways. Choosing a thing is not so very simple but a great choice engine will solve this problem by giving you a relevant choice which is based on the given information. New choice engine will be collecting data from the social network and other sites and then it will convert it into the sets which can be used by consumer for their own purpose. Choice engine will also help in taking decisions in business and other things also.

Which Personal Cloud Storage Provider Offers The Best Security?

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There is a huge controversy raging over the topic whether mega provide a complete solution as a cloud storage provider to our data or the other storage providers are equally good. Many other storage provider and security analysts say that mega cloud storage service is not very foolproof as they claim. Other storage providers like Google drive and Microsoft sky drive are also very successful in storage provider. To compare them we will be discussing their very best features.

Google Drive

Google drive uses SSL by this it means the data is encrypted between the browser and the server. To top it up the website shows a certificate to the browser this is signed by VeriSign.Google Drive provide all kind of security protocol but the disturbing part is that our data is stored unencrypted on Google server which implicate that our data is secured physically only at servers end. Google say that this is done so to cater the users which mean that user can preview their stored files whenever they want. But analysts say that it is done so because Google can analyze them and use it to serve target advertising. And this forms the main source of revenue for them. Another step to provide security is that they offer two step authentication. It can only be done when user enter the code delivered by SMS to their mobile. There is a statement which states that the content which we are uploading or submitting can be used by the host whenever Google want it.


Dropbox uses SSL to transfer data securely same as Google Drive. But Dropbox uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt the saved user files. This means that the data is stored on Amazon S3 serve which have a level of extra protection even they have a breach. Like Google Dropbox also have two step authentication which can be confirmed through mobile apps.

Microsoft Sky Drive also uses SSL to transfer its data from the user to the center. Skydrive also does not encrypt files at rest. Advantage of this that file can be previewed. Skydrive also provide two step authentication but the code confirmation is done through alternate email address. Like the Google Drive Skydrive also uses the content of the data stored but here it is used to improve the service but on Google it is used for their own purpose.


It is the new venture of Kim Dotcoms which claim to be the most secured cloud storage provider. They can say so because all the data is encrypted and they cannot use it for their own purpose in any circumstances. They are using AES-128 which encrypt data on client side then SSL is also used which again provide an additional layer of security to your data.

In conclusion one can say that Mega new cloud storage provider is one of the best because here user can only use its data no one else can.


Amazon Flow

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To make money from its apps, Amazon has discovered a new way out which has nothing that involves clicking on various ads. There already exist an official app for iOS of the company and also, the company has now launched a new feature known as “flow”. The function of flow is to allow the users to scan items with the help of the camera of their iphone and thus can buy that particular item on with the help of the app.

According to Amazon the new feature flow only works with iOS7 and will work best when the user is looking for products like books, video games, packed groceries and DVD’s. The only main work the user is required to do is to move the camera of the iPhone towards an item and then the app of Amazon will look up for it and finally will provide the user with the option of purchasing it on Additionally, users will also have the option of scanning of multiple items at same time. These is possible by saving an item, once it is found, in the histories of the app and then allow the user to add more items in the shopping cart.

It is not the first time flow is seen. A standalone app was also released by Amazon in the year 2011 and the company now has actually made it a vital part of the official app of Amazon. The standalone app of flow is still available for Android and iOS. The ability of scanning barcodes for the users of the smartphones is always very interesting but as the barcodes are not found that easy it is not very convenient to use due to which the amount of complexity users face is more. Also, many users do not even have a bit of idea as to where to look for the bar code on an item and some do not even know about it. It is a surprise yet true which is common in our world. So we can say the effort of Amazon is a genius stroke and it could make a pressure on competitors like eBay to create a similar feature for its standalone app.

As time passes Flow should also be able to recognize various items like headphones or other types of gadgets. The app is now also available on iTunes with a free download for devices with iOS7.

Workday: Linking technology design and user experience

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A new software which is based completely in the cloud known as workday is the most high profile breed of software. Workday is now a people company but it is started by Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri. They both also led people soft prior to the acquisition by oracle. Workday’s chief Technology officer Stan Swete is in conversation with CxOtalk series which include innovators too told about the unique attributes of workday.

According to Swete simplicity is the character of the company. Here simplicity means much more than user interface. It is important critically. The software designed by the company is very user friendly because it is quiet easy to use, upgrade and user can change it over time. There is a common thread through which the software is easy to consume for user and that thread is simplicity. This simplicity also allow workday to manage its own system in a reliable and cost effective manner at scale.

The product is viewed as a chain of links which is contributes to user satisfaction it is simplicity defined in broad way. Users areenabling to make changes and this make non disruptive upgrade. It is backend infrastructure which allow user to do all this. More things are also there like intuitive user interface, modern mobile apps, and analytics also built into the product. It is hard for any software to adapt very easily over the time for changing business needs.

Though it is very difficult for users to change software rules and functionality in response to conditions such as a merger or new regulations. It was history by now. The old software’s are very clumsy for every change the programmers required to code customizes the particular software. By doing all this only a programmer can meet the specific business requirement. The simplicity is goal of workday and it is kind of a reaction to traditional, on premise systems which are very expensive to get implemented, to customize and to upgrade. Workday achieve this simplicity building a simple cloud application which maintain feature parity with competitors.

 Swete quote that workday compete against the vendors who offer same features. Demand is the requirement of the workday enterprise. Competitors like SAP and Oracle will have an increase percentage of revenue from this cloud application. This cannot be done in a minute because the users of non cloud customers are very massive. Workday is working for solely on large cloud scale application for the users. On other hand the competitors of workday are focusing in transforming themselves into cloud players.

V2V technology: US unveils plan for cars of the future

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You might get hurt very badly on the next turn of your car, this kind of transmission you can receive when you are heading towards peril. This kind of technology is going to be there in your car very soon according to Government. On Monday the officials told that this technology has game changing potential which can cut the rate of accidents, crashes. But this can take a more couple of years.

It is like the radio transmission we get from other vehicles. A beacon radio like would transmit the position, speed and other necessary information to other vehicle. This kind of information will also be received from other vehicles and in end it will result in alertness to the driver who is impending towards a collision. There is an option where the system automatically chooses to brake itself when he receives any such information. But this option will be installed totally on manufactures choice.

This project is under National Highway traffic Safety administration. They are working in collaboration with automakers from a very long time to build such a technology. Estimation says that about 80 percent of accidents can be prevented through this technology but this does not include drivers who are drunkard and cars that have mechanical problem.

David Friedman, the head of the safety administration, told at a news conference that this technology will be help full in preventing crashes but on other hand government is focusing on those accidents where people can survive. Another official from Obama administration said that this technology is required to be in new vehicles to send a message to automation industry that in future the information is from vehicle – to – vehicle technology. It is not a easy task it will take at least several years to have such technology installed in vehicles. This is quoted by officials. A report will be issued lately in this month on the result of this research after the report both public and automakers have 90 days to say anything regarding the project. After completion of these 90 days a proposal will be drafted by regulators requiring automakers who will equip vehicles with this new technology. An officer Foxx told that his intention is to propose this project and get implemented before President Barack Obama leaves office.

There are other things also before automakers go ahead with this technology. And every official and automation industry have to go through in very long details.

Apple said to build its own content delivery network

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Apple a name of tech giant in the industry put faith in Akamai and level 3 to deliver its apps, iTunes content, and other software’s update to its users . But now it is going to be change according to an analyst. It is seemed that Apple want to control more of the user experience.  An business consulting firm name Frost and Sullivan say that Cupertino, calif, and other electronic giant may be building their own content delivery apps, software updates and iTunes content to its consumers.

The official Dan Rayburn who is principal analyst in this business consulting says so by telling it to its users. No one can say more about it because details are not to be public at this time. Rayburn told that Apple is building its own network world wide to get it done. A long list of people is being hired by Apple to do the work. Apple is hiring experienced persons to build a large scale network for this project. Though Apple is silent on what the content type will be delivered, what kind of areas will be served and many other factors. Apple is being silent on all this. Details are very limited and very hushed up at this point. The service provider at this time is Akamai technology and level 3 communications. These both companies are dealing with Apple and delivering its content to its user. But might be very soon Apple take control of it from these companies.

Apple want control under its own roof because it’s focusing on its iCloud service. This iCloud service gives an edge to Apple to exert even more control over its products. This will also result in better service for its users. Apple is now controlling the way how content has to be delivered to their devices. But now they are only controlling the entire customer experience. According to Rayburn Apple don’t own the last mile so in that case they won’t be able to have complete control. On the other hand when they will be having their own CDN it will give them more control and security which they have now.

 Apple wants this to be done as soon as possible because the company wants to own more of its user preference. Apple contents will be delivered by two companies and these companies are best in their work. But Apple wants to control more of it and for this purpose the company soon launching iCloud to its users.