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Home Internet Access Rising

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According to a government report almost three quarters of all homes in America have now access to Internet. But still some gaps exist across some demographics of U.S. especially at educational levels. On Tuesday the Census Bureau released its 2012 report on Computer and Internet Trends in America. Overall it can be seen that 74.8 percent of the U.S. homes have access to Internet in their homes which is up from only 8.2 percent from the first report of 1984. The annual report of the Census looks and considers the broader view of the use of Internet by keeping a track of national statistics taken in account like age, race, gender, region, income, education and employment status.

The last set of population in demographicrepresents the largest gap in the case of the number of persons that are using Internet at their home and this difference is highly surprising. In the age group of people of 25 years or older, just about 30 percent of the people who are not graduated from high school were using the Internet in their homes in the year 2012. This figure is now doubled approximately that is about 58 percent for the persons who are now graduates of high school and it has reached jumping up high to 90 percent for the ones who have obtained the degree of bachelor or other higher degree.

These big gaps in the figures in the data provided in the education sector are even higher than the statistical data figures breaking in, in case of income of people. It can be seen that nearly 45 percent of the people that are living in a household with income of less than $25,000 logged on at home in the year 2012 which is almost double for the homes having an income of $150,000 or higher. In all of the America, of all the homes, 80 percent have a computer and of those 80 percent just less than 95 percent use the computer for getting connected to the Internet.

The Bureau of Census also kept a track of the use of Internet state wise. It was seen that New Hampshire jumped out with the highest percentage of the people who are accessed to the Internt in their homes with percentage of 79.5 percent while Mississippi was last in this record with mere 56 percent of people using Internet at their homes.

Companies back fast internet –in – schools initiative

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A vision watches by President Barack Obama that every school should be lined up with high speed internet. It is told from White House that private support is there for help to complete the pledge of President Barack Obama. The pledge quotes that around 15,000 schools and almost 20 million students will be benefited through high speed internet service in the coming years.

There is an event scheduled on Tuesday which will focus on his connectED initiative. Denis McDonough told NBC that there are companies who are ready to commit half billion dollars for this project. After this the schools will be having the technology for all the students who have to compete in this economy. Chief of staff Denis McDonough told all this in ‘meet the press’ which is conducted by NBC.

According to Education department there are around 80 schools which have internet capabilities. But these facilities are quiet restricted to very few places. The internet only work in the range where front office is or in the computer lab. President Barack Obama cites that American schools are way behind in the broadband access if it is compare to other countries.

On the other hand Federal Communication Commission also wants to increase connectivity in schools. Federal Commission is considering different ways through which this is possible. In return they want to increase use of high end speed internet. This future project will help a lot of students. It’s not that American schools don’t have internet facility but they don’t have high speed internet service.

Even Federal Communication Commission thinks alike. Commission is also looking for different ways to keep up this good project. As it is already mentioned that an event is going to be there which is totally focuses on it.  Even the private companies are most likely accepting this project and ready to commit more than a half – billion dollars. According to an official there are more than 40 companies who want to get this project done as quickly as possible. Americans wants that their class rooms to be high end speed interactive to help the new age children.

President Barack Obama told that he want maximum schools to be covered with in the time frame of four years. This initiative is taken to get students aided with newer technology which in return help the economy of America. The aim for this project is to make schools internet speed zone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Likely At Feb. 24 Launch Event

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Samsung is going to stage a launch once again of a major product in Barcelona this month at Mobile World Congress. It is sure that it cannot be anything else but the Galaxy S5 marquee phone. All the eyes will be completely on Samsung for the most likely launch of its new and advanced Galaxy S5 smartphone.

For all users and likers of Samsung Galaxy, it is high time to focus your all attention back to Barcelona. It was announced by Samsung on Monday that it is about to launch its next major milestone product on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona. And all the unpacked hidden plausible cannot be anything other than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It has been a long history by Samsung now of introducing Samsung Galaxy lineups year after year. That may wither be in late February at the Congress of Mobile World or in early of March just like the production of Samsung Galaxy S4 last year in New York. These could possibly be the mock ups of the next iteration of interface of mobiles that Samsung might be working on behind its closed doors.

There are many rumours about the upcoming next Galaxy smartphone that are heard and believed. Likewise, it is being said that the upcoming next generation Galaxy smartphone is taking in a 2560 X 1440 an ultra high resolution display of AMOLED along with the additional feature of an inbuilt 64 bit eight core Exynos processor of Samsung. It is also being revealed and so expected that it might have a 16 mega pixel camera as well with other features like 3GB of RAM and a hulked out 4000mAh battery too.

With all other regular and main but special features associated by Samsung in it included already the new upcoming Galaxy smartphone will run the complete range of a very new design of the phone with a metal chassis covering along with the feature of finger print scanning authentication that is very crucial now a days and a new advanced technology of long lasting battery as well which is most required these days. CNET will also be on the grounds in Barcelona in order to capture all the details of the event. Till that time, one can read up about all the leaks on Samsung Galaxy S5 and whispers spread about it here.

Few Facebook Users Share Daily

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After 10 years of the social network’s founding, a new Pew Research survey on Facebook Inc. users is released which shed a new light on the change of the relationships in the social media era. There is more number of Facebook users than ever with only a small percentage of the ones who share their daily lives details every day. According to the Pew survey, of more than 1.2 billion users of Facebook only 10% update status on daily basis and only 4% do it more than once a day and nearly 15% comment on photos more than one time a day. The survey also suggests that a major portion of Facebook is a one sided conversation by Internet voyeurs who enjoy the availability of documenting their lives with their friends publically. The survey also clears that those super shares annoys some of the users, nearly 36% users confirm their disliking about people sharing a lot of information about them.

The number of time spent by a user on Facebook is a key metric for the investors as the time is directly attached to the number of ads that can be sold by Facebook. Every action that Facebook users take is equal to another Facebook data point. The future business success of Facebook according to the analysts relies on the ability of Facebook to leverage that data more accurately with the slowing of its user growth. The Pew study was based on telephonic interviews with persons all of whom were 18 or older.

The survey also shows clearly the way technology allows the size of the social networks to grow. According to the study an average adult has 338 friends on Facebook which is not surprising today while a decade ago, this would have seemed impossible. Facebook has now become a routine part of the daily lives of millions of users but the study shows that still there is drastic uneasiness among users. Of the ones that were interviewed that 27% of the users do not like it when other people see posts or comments that are not meant for them to see. Some others feel pressurized to get a lot of likes and thus are tempted to share a lot of information. If Facebook wants to attain its goal to become a utility in connecting the world it has to face a challenge of convincing a high percentage of population to be comfortable on sharing about their lives even more intimate details.

Google Opens Chromecast to Outside Developers

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Chromecast is a new platform. Google did opened the dongle to developers outside on Monday associated with the release of a software development kit and an open API which raised the possibility of a new type of TV on Google for users in business class and other consumers. The $35 stick-sized Chromecast USB when is attached to a HDMI port on a display enables the user to stream content online via a laptop, tablet or phone. Third party developers are now able to build Chromecast support in their websites or apps with the avail of the SDK and an open API.

Chromecast Product Manager and Cast Master Ambarish Kenghe noted in a post on the Google Chrome blog that the company is expecting a “cast” button which is a rectangle with four transmission waves in the lower right corner to start appearing on apps and sites. A site of Google Cast developers is offering more information on SDK, integration into apps and guidelines for user experience.

Google noted that 14 apps are compatible with Chromecast currently. All of them are streaming apps of some or other sort including the ones from Netflix, HBO Go or Google Play Music, Plex. The presence of Cast button on website and apps imply that any screen with HDMI port available will be able to display larger images to the users in comparison to what they see on their mobiles or tablets without monitor setup. If the developers are able to catch it well, there exist a number of other possibilities as well. By this point, a two screen interaction largely mean use of a smartphone, laptop or a tablet in similar fashion as of programs on TV which can be sometimes synced via a sound track or any other guideposts. But now, two screen interaction can be taken the other way as the smartphone, laptop or tablet to be the main deliverer o the content to be delivered which is complemented with the display of content on big screen.

Many of the Google watchers are expecting that the result of this new SDK and open API will be flood of apps for Chromecast which might possibly establish it as a new platform type. A reason for high expectations is that many apps are not needed to be developed for the device but existing apps will be able to continue to run on the mobile device or laptop and only with addition of a support for the API and a cast button only streaming on TV is possible.

Internet Service Providers vouch to be fair on Network Neutralities

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Network neutrality is a very important issue that is facing the Internet since it started for any subject that will sound dull. The set up of mind behind net neutrality is that the material of web that we are able to see on our laptops, smartphones either from Google of any other blog should be able to flow freely through the internet pipes irrespective of the origin, content or the destination without getting any special treatment for anyone.

The issue has come in front of the appeals made by a federal to the court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission can not stand in the ways of AT&T, Verizon and other Internet Service Providers any longer that are in any way to create Internet Express lanes.

President Barack Obama said on Friday that FCC was considering the appeal of a free and open internet with the goal of maintaining. The FCC has been preventing the telecommunications companies to play favorites on long distance telephone lines since 1970s. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast contend that if a Netfix or a Google desire to pay more to travel in a fast lane, then why not!

But FCC and others are worried that such agreement would allow the internet service providers play their favorites and give a preferred treatment to the ones who can afford it. Honestly, AT&Ts and Verizons of the world are not trusted by many of the people. For example, in 2007 traffic was slowed down by Comcast that involved file sharing format of Bit torrent, in 2010 people were blocked by Verizon to use skype on their network, in 2010, AT&T blocked people that are having unlimited data plans to use the FaceTime video chat featuresof Apple until they are not subscribed to some expensive plan.

It is said by the Internet Providers that it should be customers decision made according to their wallets whether to switch to another provider on not agreeing with another’s practices of business. But many of the Americans do not get the option to switch. The report of FCC in 2013 which was about the competition among the Internet Service Providers that are wired found that nearly one third of the Americans have only one possible provider with high speed internet travelling at the rate of 6 megabits per second in their home. And other 37 percent of Americans only had two options.

Currently, the wagons are being circled by the wagons that is until one line in a direction or another is breached, at a point where the internet’s future might change for ever.

LG G Pad 8.3

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This article is to review the new top notch LG G pad 8.3. When we talk about tablets we normally think about iPads, galaxy or so on. But LG is not a very common name. With its new LG G Pad 8.3 this company makes a mark in the market. To start with this little packet of dynamite has many features which make it more desirable.

The screen of G Pad is absolutely unique because of the size. It is not too small and not too big. This means we get a more useable area on it. To talk about it physical look one cannot ignore its aluminum finish and a perfect size which is rightly contoured for human hand. Person can use it very easily with one hand. Seeing all this features we can say that LG G Pad 8.3 is right on the money.

Another amazing feature of G Pad is his weight. It weighs very lightly just 338 g. It is comparatively very thin to other tablets. It is preferable because it provides a good hold and can be managed by only thumb and index fingers. The display screen is very sharp with having 273 pixels per inch. Every word, images are all very bright and sharp. But LG G Pad 8.3 lacks in one place and that is brightness or we can say color accuracy.  It is so because at day time the users have to keep it to 90 or more of it to see in day light. If we compare both the party’s then LG G Pad 8.3 looses the battle in color and brightness.

Another feature where G Pad lacks is its battery. In comparison to other devices G Pad has a very short battery life. If user uses it carefully then might it work all day long? Sound system in LG G Pad 8.3 is also not so very good but we cannot side this feature. The rear camera in the tablet is of good quality of 5 mega pixel. One nicer feature in LG G Pad is its vibration motor. This feature is recommended for other tablets also. So in last whether the LG G Pad 8.3 is worth for buying it or not. It will be decide by very few things. G Pad is now in market and we can say that it is a good buy for those who worth their money for a good tablet.

New Android App Alerts You When You Are Being Tracked

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A recent research done by few researchers revealed a very exciting fact about our smart phones. Today’s smart phones are loaded with app which we are depending on. So this research notifies the user about that their phone app might track their location. This group of researchers comes up with an App which notifies us.

The research done by lead project developer Janne told that on our smart phone there is an icon but it is very tiny. On the interface of our android phone we can see when an App accesses our location information. But this knowledge is not known by everyone. Very few people know about it. App which is developed by them place a mark or a banner on the other App saying that this particular App is accessing their location information.

It is quiet shocking when this App is used practically because the results are very annoying. People are continuously using the Apps which are accessing their private location information. Another survey done regarding the said research most of the people want to disable their smart phone of this location information. But there are others also who want to know the details of this collection. In words of Janne the assistant professor the main goal of creating the App is that they want Google and other App developers to become more transparent. This app gives an authority to app user that how much and at what time they want to share their location information and any other data.

This kind of app accessing our location information is done to target a particular user for specific ads. One more reason behind collecting our location data is that it can be circulate to other advertising companies too. Right now the App is on trial basis and in a very short span of time it will be available. Currently the App is added at the Google play store but within the time frame of two month it is becoming available. Now a day’s people use android phone without thinking twice. It doesn’t mean that we should stop using it but we should be very cautious because accessing data from our phone can turn out to be very problematic. Researches are being conducted by people to make our phone more reliable.

More and more apps are coming in market for our android phone but we should be more careful before using it. Might the app is accessing our personal information.

Apple’s smart watch may come with solar power, wireless charging capabilities: Report

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To dominate the world of mobile Google and Apple are trying to find newer technology that help to charge battery through various option available. Batteries that last longer became very important to the generation who carry their world with them in the face of mobile. According to New York Times Apple is the company which want that their product should last long in case of battery. Long lasting batteries can prove to be a good point to upend the market for the companies.

Apple has reportedly open new hiring’s for   engineers who specialize in the field of solar energy. This is done because Apple might add an additional layer of solar charger in its new upcoming and much rumored smart watch. By doing so Apple wants to use solar energy to give battery back up to the wearable computers on which our day to day life depend.

From an official report an Apple former executive told that Apple is the company who is trying to build a smart battery for its phone and also for iPods. Apple is trying to do so from a very long time. But on the practical note it seems impossible for the company to regulate it. It is so because most of the time when we are outside the phone or iPod is in pocket and if we have to use it then we do so by using headphones. If we are inside then the artificial generate very less amount of energy which can be used for charging. The report further said that Apple is looking for the technology which can charge without using any wires. In it’s much rumored and waited smart watch Apple is trying to install this technology.

The similar kind of technology can be seen in phones launched by Nokia where the people don’t have to use wires for charging. Simply they have to put their phone on charging surface. Apple’s much waited smart watch is expected to have a curved glass screen. For getting this idea work Apple has hired engineers in the recent past which have expertise in power technology.

Battery is the only part of phone which is not transformed for a very long time though other features of phone have gone through a drastic change. Screen of the phone have gone for the minimum to maximum and other parts too but now phone geeks are looking for a change in the charging pattern also. Might be we can see a breakthrough in coming years.

Stealth’ cameras to enforce speed limit on motorways

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To keep a check on the speed, cameras are installed for the very first time. Stealth camera the name given to them can be in the color of grey instead of bright yellow. It has to be installed on the busiest routes which include M1, M6 and M25.

Basically motor cameras are used to be placed on the roads which are under construction. This is done so because to keep a check on the speed for safety reasons. Some of the cameras have been installed on the vans which are parked on the carriageway. These speed cameras will keep an eye on the motorist who drives in excess of 70mph. they are installed along the hundred of mile for the very first time.

These cameras mainly aim for those drivers who drive on the speed more than 70mph. Highway agency is looking forward to spread a net of cameras to caught those drivers who exceed the maximum allowed speed of 70mph. Officials believe that by doing so they can be prevented from the jams. This kind of working can help in better traffic control. Through this speed can be controlled too and it will help in opening hard shoulders in the time of busy traffic periods.

Groups of motorist say that these cameras are not for their safety instead of this they are there to generate heavy fines. Motorist claims that there is no road safety through these cameras. A poll is conducted in Auto car which reveal the fact that 94.6 percent of motorist admitted to drive in excess of 70mph. According to survey it is so because the cameras have less impact on the drivers which will have no impact on slowing down of them.

Other group named as ABD has voted to increase the excess limit from 70mph to 80mph. It is considered by the ministers but everybody knows that it cannot be converted in law. These new cameras are successfully installed along more than 100 miles of motorway within the time frame of two years only. According to a spokesperson these cameras are much more visible to drivers and these are installed to smooth the traffic flows and also to increase capacity. These cameras are proving to be very useful for maintaining traffic and also for checking whether motorists are over speeding or not.