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Google Opens Chromecast to Outside Developers

By February 8, 2014Web Design

Chromecast is a new platform. Google did opened the dongle to developers outside on Monday associated with the release of a software development kit and an open API which raised the possibility of a new type of TV on Google for users in business class and other consumers. The $35 stick-sized Chromecast USB when is attached to a HDMI port on a display enables the user to stream content online via a laptop, tablet or phone. Third party developers are now able to build Chromecast support in their websites or apps with the avail of the SDK and an open API.

Chromecast Product Manager and Cast Master Ambarish Kenghe noted in a post on the Google Chrome blog that the company is expecting a “cast” button which is a rectangle with four transmission waves in the lower right corner to start appearing on apps and sites. A site of Google Cast developers is offering more information on SDK, integration into apps and guidelines for user experience.

Google noted that 14 apps are compatible with Chromecast currently. All of them are streaming apps of some or other sort including the ones from Netflix, HBO Go or Google Play Music, Plex. The presence of Cast button on website and apps imply that any screen with HDMI port available will be able to display larger images to the users in comparison to what they see on their mobiles or tablets without monitor setup. If the developers are able to catch it well, there exist a number of other possibilities as well. By this point, a two screen interaction largely mean use of a smartphone, laptop or a tablet in similar fashion as of programs on TV which can be sometimes synced via a sound track or any other guideposts. But now, two screen interaction can be taken the other way as the smartphone, laptop or tablet to be the main deliverer o the content to be delivered which is complemented with the display of content on big screen.

Many of the Google watchers are expecting that the result of this new SDK and open API will be flood of apps for Chromecast which might possibly establish it as a new platform type. A reason for high expectations is that many apps are not needed to be developed for the device but existing apps will be able to continue to run on the mobile device or laptop and only with addition of a support for the API and a cast button only streaming on TV is possible.