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Companies back fast internet –in – schools initiative

By February 11, 2014General

A vision watches by President Barack Obama that every school should be lined up with high speed internet. It is told from White House that private support is there for help to complete the pledge of President Barack Obama. The pledge quotes that around 15,000 schools and almost 20 million students will be benefited through high speed internet service in the coming years.

There is an event scheduled on Tuesday which will focus on his connectED initiative. Denis McDonough told NBC that there are companies who are ready to commit half billion dollars for this project. After this the schools will be having the technology for all the students who have to compete in this economy. Chief of staff Denis McDonough told all this in ‘meet the press’ which is conducted by NBC.

According to Education department there are around 80 schools which have internet capabilities. But these facilities are quiet restricted to very few places. The internet only work in the range where front office is or in the computer lab. President Barack Obama cites that American schools are way behind in the broadband access if it is compare to other countries.

On the other hand Federal Communication Commission also wants to increase connectivity in schools. Federal Commission is considering different ways through which this is possible. In return they want to increase use of high end speed internet. This future project will help a lot of students. It’s not that American schools don’t have internet facility but they don’t have high speed internet service.

Even Federal Communication Commission thinks alike. Commission is also looking for different ways to keep up this good project. As it is already mentioned that an event is going to be there which is totally focuses on it.  Even the private companies are most likely accepting this project and ready to commit more than a half – billion dollars. According to an official there are more than 40 companies who want to get this project done as quickly as possible. Americans wants that their class rooms to be high end speed interactive to help the new age children.

President Barack Obama told that he want maximum schools to be covered with in the time frame of four years. This initiative is taken to get students aided with newer technology which in return help the economy of America. The aim for this project is to make schools internet speed zone.