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Stealth’ cameras to enforce speed limit on motorways

By February 5, 2014Gadgets

To keep a check on the speed, cameras are installed for the very first time. Stealth camera the name given to them can be in the color of grey instead of bright yellow. It has to be installed on the busiest routes which include M1, M6 and M25.

Basically motor cameras are used to be placed on the roads which are under construction. This is done so because to keep a check on the speed for safety reasons. Some of the cameras have been installed on the vans which are parked on the carriageway. These speed cameras will keep an eye on the motorist who drives in excess of 70mph. they are installed along the hundred of mile for the very first time.

These cameras mainly aim for those drivers who drive on the speed more than 70mph. Highway agency is looking forward to spread a net of cameras to caught those drivers who exceed the maximum allowed speed of 70mph. Officials believe that by doing so they can be prevented from the jams. This kind of working can help in better traffic control. Through this speed can be controlled too and it will help in opening hard shoulders in the time of busy traffic periods.

Groups of motorist say that these cameras are not for their safety instead of this they are there to generate heavy fines. Motorist claims that there is no road safety through these cameras. A poll is conducted in Auto car which reveal the fact that 94.6 percent of motorist admitted to drive in excess of 70mph. According to survey it is so because the cameras have less impact on the drivers which will have no impact on slowing down of them.

Other group named as ABD has voted to increase the excess limit from 70mph to 80mph. It is considered by the ministers but everybody knows that it cannot be converted in law. These new cameras are successfully installed along more than 100 miles of motorway within the time frame of two years only. According to a spokesperson these cameras are much more visible to drivers and these are installed to smooth the traffic flows and also to increase capacity. These cameras are proving to be very useful for maintaining traffic and also for checking whether motorists are over speeding or not.