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Samsung Galaxy S5 Likely At Feb. 24 Launch Event

By February 10, 2014Gadgets

Samsung is going to stage a launch once again of a major product in Barcelona this month at Mobile World Congress. It is sure that it cannot be anything else but the Galaxy S5 marquee phone. All the eyes will be completely on Samsung for the most likely launch of its new and advanced Galaxy S5 smartphone.

For all users and likers of Samsung Galaxy, it is high time to focus your all attention back to Barcelona. It was announced by Samsung on Monday that it is about to launch its next major milestone product on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona. And all the unpacked hidden plausible cannot be anything other than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It has been a long history by Samsung now of introducing Samsung Galaxy lineups year after year. That may wither be in late February at the Congress of Mobile World or in early of March just like the production of Samsung Galaxy S4 last year in New York. These could possibly be the mock ups of the next iteration of interface of mobiles that Samsung might be working on behind its closed doors.

There are many rumours about the upcoming next Galaxy smartphone that are heard and believed. Likewise, it is being said that the upcoming next generation Galaxy smartphone is taking in a 2560 X 1440 an ultra high resolution display of AMOLED along with the additional feature of an inbuilt 64 bit eight core Exynos processor of Samsung. It is also being revealed and so expected that it might have a 16 mega pixel camera as well with other features like 3GB of RAM and a hulked out 4000mAh battery too.

With all other regular and main but special features associated by Samsung in it included already the new upcoming Galaxy smartphone will run the complete range of a very new design of the phone with a metal chassis covering along with the feature of finger print scanning authentication that is very crucial now a days and a new advanced technology of long lasting battery as well which is most required these days. CNET will also be on the grounds in Barcelona in order to capture all the details of the event. Till that time, one can read up about all the leaks on Samsung Galaxy S5 and whispers spread about it here.