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Home Internet Access Rising

By February 12, 2014General

According to a government report almost three quarters of all homes in America have now access to Internet. But still some gaps exist across some demographics of U.S. especially at educational levels. On Tuesday the Census Bureau released its 2012 report on Computer and Internet Trends in America. Overall it can be seen that 74.8 percent of the U.S. homes have access to Internet in their homes which is up from only 8.2 percent from the first report of 1984. The annual report of the Census looks and considers the broader view of the use of Internet by keeping a track of national statistics taken in account like age, race, gender, region, income, education and employment status.

The last set of population in demographicrepresents the largest gap in the case of the number of persons that are using Internet at their home and this difference is highly surprising. In the age group of people of 25 years or older, just about 30 percent of the people who are not graduated from high school were using the Internet in their homes in the year 2012. This figure is now doubled approximately that is about 58 percent for the persons who are now graduates of high school and it has reached jumping up high to 90 percent for the ones who have obtained the degree of bachelor or other higher degree.

These big gaps in the figures in the data provided in the education sector are even higher than the statistical data figures breaking in, in case of income of people. It can be seen that nearly 45 percent of the people that are living in a household with income of less than $25,000 logged on at home in the year 2012 which is almost double for the homes having an income of $150,000 or higher. In all of the America, of all the homes, 80 percent have a computer and of those 80 percent just less than 95 percent use the computer for getting connected to the Internet.

The Bureau of Census also kept a track of the use of Internet state wise. It was seen that New Hampshire jumped out with the highest percentage of the people who are accessed to the Internt in their homes with percentage of 79.5 percent while Mississippi was last in this record with mere 56 percent of people using Internet at their homes.