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Apple said to build its own content delivery network

By February 13, 2014Network

Apple a name of tech giant in the industry put faith in Akamai and level 3 to deliver its apps, iTunes content, and other software’s update to its users . But now it is going to be change according to an analyst. It is seemed that Apple want to control more of the user experience.  An business consulting firm name Frost and Sullivan say that Cupertino, calif, and other electronic giant may be building their own content delivery apps, software updates and iTunes content to its consumers.

The official Dan Rayburn who is principal analyst in this business consulting says so by telling it to its users. No one can say more about it because details are not to be public at this time. Rayburn told that Apple is building its own network world wide to get it done. A long list of people is being hired by Apple to do the work. Apple is hiring experienced persons to build a large scale network for this project. Though Apple is silent on what the content type will be delivered, what kind of areas will be served and many other factors. Apple is being silent on all this. Details are very limited and very hushed up at this point. The service provider at this time is Akamai technology and level 3 communications. These both companies are dealing with Apple and delivering its content to its user. But might be very soon Apple take control of it from these companies.

Apple want control under its own roof because it’s focusing on its iCloud service. This iCloud service gives an edge to Apple to exert even more control over its products. This will also result in better service for its users. Apple is now controlling the way how content has to be delivered to their devices. But now they are only controlling the entire customer experience. According to Rayburn Apple don’t own the last mile so in that case they won’t be able to have complete control. On the other hand when they will be having their own CDN it will give them more control and security which they have now.

 Apple wants this to be done as soon as possible because the company wants to own more of its user preference. Apple contents will be delivered by two companies and these companies are best in their work. But Apple wants to control more of it and for this purpose the company soon launching iCloud to its users.