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Wearable technology will take centerstage this year

By February 20, 2014Web Design

Wearing mobile it’s a new trend this year. Lots of products are going to be in market which can be wearing. Smartwatch is not an only option in wearing mobility. Now wearable glasses and many other devices are also in market which is design to cater to user’s health, needs and senses. Basically wearable products are used to supplement the primary device like smartphone but in coming future these devices can run third party computing applications which can also be worn. These wearable products are getting improved constantly which is gaining traction when huge companies like Microsoft, Apple and LG are making foray into the market in the end of the year 2014.

Technology in healthcare

They both are connected together through optimizing productivity technology. Wearable products always communicate with us connected to a hub or host like smartphones. These devices play  an important role in health care. They are used to simplify process of treatment it is told by Rajiv Kapur, M.D, Broadcom India.

Companies are focusing and being very specific in designing such wearable products which can be done without any hassle. The transition should be very smooth. There are a lot of opportunity is offered to developers to write apps in them such as health and wellness or sports and fitness. Wearable computing is said to be subtext of internet by Broadcom. The general manager of APAC Troy said that the industry is going through a design renaissance and companies have to figure out the puzzle. Only then they can offer the best app in smart watches. It is said for Evernote which the popular note taking app on smartwatches. Basically they are having room for all.

There are a lot of options available for connectivity for wearable devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. These options are there to make wearable tech a great success but evolution is also needed. The life of these smartwatches is supplemented through Bluetooth which is customized into low energy form. That means all the features of Bluetooth will be their but to utilize them one has to add big size batteries to these small devices. Cost effectiveness is also a part of it.

In the coming years India can also see the most wearable products and they can be cost effective too. Wearable products are seeing a very drastic change and it will cater in many field.