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Workday: Linking technology design and user experience

By February 15, 2014Services

A new software which is based completely in the cloud known as workday is the most high profile breed of software. Workday is now a people company but it is started by Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri. They both also led people soft prior to the acquisition by oracle. Workday’s chief Technology officer Stan Swete is in conversation with CxOtalk series which include innovators too told about the unique attributes of workday.

According to Swete simplicity is the character of the company. Here simplicity means much more than user interface. It is important critically. The software designed by the company is very user friendly because it is quiet easy to use, upgrade and user can change it over time. There is a common thread through which the software is easy to consume for user and that thread is simplicity. This simplicity also allow workday to manage its own system in a reliable and cost effective manner at scale.

The product is viewed as a chain of links which is contributes to user satisfaction it is simplicity defined in broad way. Users areenabling to make changes and this make non disruptive upgrade. It is backend infrastructure which allow user to do all this. More things are also there like intuitive user interface, modern mobile apps, and analytics also built into the product. It is hard for any software to adapt very easily over the time for changing business needs.

Though it is very difficult for users to change software rules and functionality in response to conditions such as a merger or new regulations. It was history by now. The old software’s are very clumsy for every change the programmers required to code customizes the particular software. By doing all this only a programmer can meet the specific business requirement. The simplicity is goal of workday and it is kind of a reaction to traditional, on premise systems which are very expensive to get implemented, to customize and to upgrade. Workday achieve this simplicity building a simple cloud application which maintain feature parity with competitors.

 Swete quote that workday compete against the vendors who offer same features. Demand is the requirement of the workday enterprise. Competitors like SAP and Oracle will have an increase percentage of revenue from this cloud application. This cannot be done in a minute because the users of non cloud customers are very massive. Workday is working for solely on large cloud scale application for the users. On other hand the competitors of workday are focusing in transforming themselves into cloud players.