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Which Personal Cloud Storage Provider Offers The Best Security?

By February 18, 2014Web Design

There is a huge controversy raging over the topic whether mega provide a complete solution as a cloud storage provider to our data or the other storage providers are equally good. Many other storage provider and security analysts say that mega cloud storage service is not very foolproof as they claim. Other storage providers like Google drive and Microsoft sky drive are also very successful in storage provider. To compare them we will be discussing their very best features.

Google Drive

Google drive uses SSL by this it means the data is encrypted between the browser and the server. To top it up the website shows a certificate to the browser this is signed by VeriSign.Google Drive provide all kind of security protocol but the disturbing part is that our data is stored unencrypted on Google server which implicate that our data is secured physically only at servers end. Google say that this is done so to cater the users which mean that user can preview their stored files whenever they want. But analysts say that it is done so because Google can analyze them and use it to serve target advertising. And this forms the main source of revenue for them. Another step to provide security is that they offer two step authentication. It can only be done when user enter the code delivered by SMS to their mobile. There is a statement which states that the content which we are uploading or submitting can be used by the host whenever Google want it.


Dropbox uses SSL to transfer data securely same as Google Drive. But Dropbox uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt the saved user files. This means that the data is stored on Amazon S3 serve which have a level of extra protection even they have a breach. Like Google Dropbox also have two step authentication which can be confirmed through mobile apps.

Microsoft Sky Drive also uses SSL to transfer its data from the user to the center. Skydrive also does not encrypt files at rest. Advantage of this that file can be previewed. Skydrive also provide two step authentication but the code confirmation is done through alternate email address. Like the Google Drive Skydrive also uses the content of the data stored but here it is used to improve the service but on Google it is used for their own purpose.


It is the new venture of Kim Dotcoms which claim to be the most secured cloud storage provider. They can say so because all the data is encrypted and they cannot use it for their own purpose in any circumstances. They are using AES-128 which encrypt data on client side then SSL is also used which again provide an additional layer of security to your data.

In conclusion one can say that Mega new cloud storage provider is one of the best because here user can only use its data no one else can.