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How Open Source Can Help Developers Build Totally Encrypted E-mail

By February 21, 2014Web Design

Everyone is in need for a more confidential e-mail service. Revelations are there on the surveillance capabilities of government funded projects on a global scale which fuel the need of it. Project such as PRISM rises many doubts about how much confidential is our communications are which include email also. Users are generally very worried about the personal information being given or misused. These electronic surveillance programs lead to disclosure of the users data which cause tension among them. As we all know that necessity is the mother of all invention and this situation gives an epitome of the proverb.

Scramble IO which is a secure webmail provider comes in recognition of the need to keep e-mail private. GitHub is the one who developed Scramble.IO in an open source manner. Seeing technically there are some limitations in the e-mail as we know it today like as POP, SMTP etc. in their blog they have cited that this is the reason behind the closure of silent circle. Other options are also there which a decade old is. PGP, Free and open source variants such as GnuPG has been developed which is used for commercial purpose. An average user cannot set PGP that is the reason consumer use a webmail service provider. These webmail service providers make pairs of keys because the browser based end user experience is very much convenient for consumers. For doing so PGP is required to be set on both ends of the communication.

This is the limitation which is being faced by Scramble.IO too. Developer of Scramble.IO also notes that PGP is focused merely on concealing the plaintext of the body. But most of the things go unencrypted. Like subject line of message. These short comings are to be claimed and addressed by Scramble.IO. Other user making use of the built-in Mail application can try making use of free and open source such as GPGMail.

These can provide a secure e-mail service and people can transfer their data without any fear of getting it leaked or being taken away to be used by companies. Government also invests in such projects which work on this kind of surveillance protection for e-mail confidentiality.  Data which is transfer through e-mail is very private to all the consumers and its privacy is very important for them. Many webmail service providers are improving day by day to get ahead in business and they are doing well too.