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V2V technology: US unveils plan for cars of the future

By February 14, 2014General

You might get hurt very badly on the next turn of your car, this kind of transmission you can receive when you are heading towards peril. This kind of technology is going to be there in your car very soon according to Government. On Monday the officials told that this technology has game changing potential which can cut the rate of accidents, crashes. But this can take a more couple of years.

It is like the radio transmission we get from other vehicles. A beacon radio like would transmit the position, speed and other necessary information to other vehicle. This kind of information will also be received from other vehicles and in end it will result in alertness to the driver who is impending towards a collision. There is an option where the system automatically chooses to brake itself when he receives any such information. But this option will be installed totally on manufactures choice.

This project is under National Highway traffic Safety administration. They are working in collaboration with automakers from a very long time to build such a technology. Estimation says that about 80 percent of accidents can be prevented through this technology but this does not include drivers who are drunkard and cars that have mechanical problem.

David Friedman, the head of the safety administration, told at a news conference that this technology will be help full in preventing crashes but on other hand government is focusing on those accidents where people can survive. Another official from Obama administration said that this technology is required to be in new vehicles to send a message to automation industry that in future the information is from vehicle – to – vehicle technology. It is not a easy task it will take at least several years to have such technology installed in vehicles. This is quoted by officials. A report will be issued lately in this month on the result of this research after the report both public and automakers have 90 days to say anything regarding the project. After completion of these 90 days a proposal will be drafted by regulators requiring automakers who will equip vehicles with this new technology. An officer Foxx told that his intention is to propose this project and get implemented before President Barack Obama leaves office.

There are other things also before automakers go ahead with this technology. And every official and automation industry have to go through in very long details.