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Apple Said to be Studying Solar, Motion Charging for iWatch

By February 5, 2014General, Web Design

A report given by the New York Times had provided a lot of speculation for the iWatch which is also including the false information about use of the solar power in it. According to a story that is covered in New York Times of the Sunday, the iWatch of Apple is in a lot of rumors and is said to be under tests for both solar  and wireless charging.

According to some report given, the charging method used in the watch can be of wireless type and is also likely to involve magnetic induction method. And this may also be imagined to involve the use of a charging plate as well. According to some other report, the other method that is possible in the useof filling up and recharging the power used in the watch can be done by addition of a solar charging layer in the screen. Some other report from the Times also stated that the charging of the battery while it is in movement is a method that already exists in many modern watches also. Apple had filed a patent for the use of this technology in the year 2009 which is detailed as when an arm of a person swings it can operate a very small station of charge that can generate and thus push the power to the device to be charged even while a person is walking or in other motion.

The method that is involving the force and energy of a body in motion to charge the watch in place of traditional batteries that are used is suggested as is it a clear fact that a smart watch that is getting power by a complex sophisticated processor running in it would someday completely run out of its power capacity and juice that can keep the consumers on run.

In the story covered by the Times, it cited the co-founder of Nest and Tony Fadell who is also known as one of the fathers of the ipod who have said that Apple might have tried for so long to build up a battery that is smarter than the traditional ones for example batteries that can be charged with solar power, but Apple facilely d in the procedure. The previously occurring rumours of the curved glass display were also being repetitively included in the reports!