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Web Corporates to Disclose More Personal Information

By January 29, 2014General


Web Corporates will now be enjoying the benefit of disclosing confidential information , as per a new agreement released by the Department of Justice. The new set of regulations that has been outlined to the leading Internet Giants effectively puts and end to the ban for exposing confidential data , based on the ruling government’s surveillance interests.  The new rule will allow corporates to inform on national level security statements , also on the requests coming from from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). But they will be allowed to share the amount of requests only in broader range. Previously, companies were prohibited from acknowledging that they received such requests.

Many of the modern day technology based corporates have shared specific kind of data requests from the governing body – especially from the court and from the police department.  But there have been exclusions to this rule when it has come to the publishing of national level security letters , issued from the FISC. Privacy lawyers mentioned that such kind of wide acknowledgement of requests doesn’t help to account the amount of surveillance activity from the governing body in sweeping videos, chats , browsing histories etc. The new rule  acknowledges some of the issues put forward by leading internet giants during their  compromising talks with the Officials from the Department of Justice held recently.

Thew conversation between the Internet Corporates and the Department of Justice began after a sequence of filings that pleaded for alleviating the restrictions  that have been violated during the primary revision. This seems like a very small, almost insignificant, first step. The real issue is the warrantless unconstitutional surveillance of innocent American citizens. And it is disingenuous to emphasize phone metadata, when there is internet surveillance as well. Much more needs to be done, and the politicians who have failed the country by supporting and authorizing unconstitutional activities should be held accountable.

When the legal community gets done with what the NSA and private companies can do with communications, the Intelligence community will fire all the in country hackers and higher newspaper reporters that have a right to gather information wherever it is. For electronic communication traffic, it can be outsourced it to another country that spies in the traditional manner. In the mean time, hacker schools will flourish. It will also make it good for the lawyers. In the near future computers will be able to correlate millions of pieces of information about any individual to create complex profiles based on data from: financial records, internet usage, medical reports, vehicle movement, grocery lists, you name it.. These profile archetypes will indicate sociological tendencies, threat assessment, and other factors that will trigger even more scrutiny, all automated, all the time.