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South Korea to Challenge 4G with 5G

By January 28, 2014General


The term ‘buffering’ could become a term of the past with South Korea deciding to develop a 5G network that is expected to be thousand times faster than the present day 4G network.  This was announced by the South Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the New Year 2014.  An investment of $1.5 billion is expected to be made as part of the 5G network development. The development of such a high speed network would mean that a movie of size 800 MB would take a fraction of a second to download to a user’s local PC.

The South Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, known as MEST expects that the service would be rolled out by the year 2017. This would be made commercially available to common users, from 2020. Many features related to the 5G network are being planned that would redefine the present day features such as Ultra-HD streaming, hologram transmission and also allow upgraded social networking services.

The country’s 5G related service sales is expected to gather over $310 billion from the period 2020 to 2026. MEST is planning to implement the new 5G network in cooperation with South Korea Telecom , LG and Samsung.  Meanwhile Samsung had announced the results of their own 5G network sometime back in May 2013. The results projected were that the network was able to attain a speed of almost 1GB per second spanning to a distance of 1.20 miles. Samsung also expects that their service would have a commercial launch by the year 2020.

South Korea isn’t the only one who is looking at the 5G network. Huwaie from China , the leaders in hardware are also heavily investing on the 5G network research and development activities. In the UK region, Ofcom has announced that they have discovered a set of of potential band provisions for offering better mobile broadband in the near future.