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Microsoft Pays to Watch YouTube

The viewers of YouTube might need to read the credits of the videos that are starring the Xbox One from Microsoft very closely. The word credit here has multiple meanings out of which one definition is “an entry that is recording the sum received” which is the most preferred meaning for a small set of video partners and also influencers in the community of gaming which are been paid to make the Xbox One Astroturf videos.

In the Xbox movies of the Microsoft someone rugged about not to mention the Microsoft clause is always acting the leading role. These movies might have been a blockbuster even being predictable and formulaic, but there are bloggers in the audience that are critical and believe that the US Federal Trade Commission might have to step in to write the scripts again.

There have been reports that say that Microsoft have paid money to personalities of YouTube secretly to promote the Xbox One, an amount of three dollars per thousand reviews exactly. It’s naïve to consider it would not happen again by the YouTube as a growing power in coverage of games. Under the rules set by FTC, it is essential for the bloggers to make it clear as of which of the posts are under category of paid endorsements which is the condition that is not fulfilled here. So such a promotion is trust breaking and a betrayal. The personalities of YouTube gained influence heavily as they were considered as trustworthy and a part of their own by the fans of YouTube without knowing about the dollars taken for advertising.

An email was also sent to many of the top personalities of the popular channels about confirmation of the reports about paying of fistful of dollars to the YouTube influencers by the Microsoft for the promotion of Xbox One.

Microsoft is getting increasing number of calls for selling off the Xbox division of Microsoft but selling Xbox will be a big mistake. People are not able to realize that Xbox is not just a simple gaming system but is far more than that and is very important for the future of the Microsoft. The Xbox will prove to be the key to win the fight over entertainment. It surely does looks like a gaming system but its more an entertainment delivery system which can beat anything that wither of Apple or Google may have.