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The Importance of a Call to Action Button on a Website

By April 11, 2014Web Design

Your website might be generating good traffic, but there might be no sales happening through it. You need to direct your customers visiting your website to make a purchase. To make this a call to action button on your website is important.

A call to action button on your website will make a customer do something. These types of buttons usually serve the purpose of getting more sales or making a customer to fill in some details. These buttons are mostly recommended for E-Commerce websites. For example, you have an E-Commerce website that sells books. Such a website can have a call to action button with a caption ‘Buy this Book’. This call to action button will entice a customer to buy the book.

A well designed call to action button will definitely serve the purpose that you want it to do. Call to action buttons can be placed in various places throughout the website. These buttons come in different sizes and shapes. Make sure that the call to action button looks illuminated on your website and at the same time blends with the color combination of your site. The fonts used with the button should be bold enough.

The placement of your call to action button is very important. The placement should be in such a way that does not interfere with the customer and at the same time the customer would want to click it. The colours that you use on the button should be able to catch the customer’s attention. You can use call to action buttons for various reasons. You should design a call to action button keeping in mind the purpose of the button. You can use the button for various reasons. Often many companies want customer data and for this they have online forms on their website. But not all the visitors might be filling these forms. Therefore, placing a call to action button will entice people to fill the details.

When it comes to designing a call to button action it is very simple. But creativity is what makes the button stand out. So use your creativity to get a button designed for your website. There are many designers and graphic designing companies that you can hire to get a call to action button designed. These companies will charge you depending on the type of design you need.